Chapter 3 – Celestial Realm

             Romaine Loren                                                 Lothar Gold

Princess Romaine Loren GoldLothar Gold

Things continued to go well, space travel advanced far beyond what we had thought and Princess Romaine became a great explorer. She soon learned to not only travel between planets but also between realms, it was on one of these adventures she stumbled across a realm inhabited by what Humans call Angels and It was there she met two Angels, Michael and Gabriel.

They had rarely crossed path with any humanoid, type creatures, it seemed through the rips between reality they had however watched over various types of races and creatures. So when Princess Romaine stumbled into their realm they were greatly curious about her, she decided to stay there a bit to further her knowledge. She learned many things about inner peace, kindness, which we call the Vices and Virtues and over time she found Peace and Serenity with herself ascending to what you call an Angelic State.

It was at this point Gabriel fell deeply in love with Princess Romaine, yet, un-fortunately, so did Michael and thus a great disruption radiated through their realm. Wishing not to choose Princess Romaine departed this realm and ended up in another place known only as Nexus.

Not sure how to return to Jades, Romaine established a life for herself in this Realm, a tiny Cottage and a lovely Rose Garden, she’d always loved Red Roses. It was here she met a young man named Loathar and the two hit it off. In time they fell in love and had a family, a daughter, however Loathar was not a loyal man and soon he left her for another woman, leaving her to raise their daughter alone. She had the child alone and named her Sapphire Everquest Gold, though later, in time, she’d become known as Princess Sapphire yet we’re not there yet.

Sapphire Everquest Gold   

   Princess Everquest Gold Flare

While this was going on in another location of the Universe back home on Jade’s, Queen Janus and King David had retired into the “Sleep of Solace” un-aware where Princess Romaine was they passed the ruling of Jade’s on to their son Prince Roman Loren.

For the first time in over a hundred, thousand years Jades had a male ruler. Yet Roman had been taught well by his parents and while they’d continued on their legacy so had the other Princesses of the other Kingdoms. At this point in the Jades History many of the Princesses had gone through several of their own Legacy’s and Jades consisted still of eight Kingdoms.

During the rule of King Gaidon Roman Loren of Inner Jades, Princess Amber Kahleia Scott was ruling the Amber Kingdom while Princess Emerald Hallowell-Moon was ruling the Jade Kingdom. Also in this current time Princess Sapphire Martin was ruling the Sapphire Sky Kingdom while Princess Alessandra Ambrosia-Torres was ruling the Coral Dreams Kingdom. This left two Kingdoms known as the Golden Topaz Kingdom and the Crystal Ice Kingdom. Princess Aria Lily Coal-Mc Kay was ruling the Golden Topaz Kingdom well Princess Adamma ruled the Crystal Ice Kingdom placing Jades at its forth Legacy.

Amber Kahleia Scott                                Emerald Hallowell-Moon

Princess Kahleia Scott- CoralPrincess Emerald Hallowell-Moon

Macayle Rose Sapphire-Martin                                Alessandra Ambrosia-Hawk

Princess Macayle Rose Sapphire-MartinPrincess Alessandra Patience Ambrosia-Hawk

           Aria Lily Coal-Mc Kay                             Princess Adamma Thalch

Princess Aria Coal-McKayMy Ada


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