Chapter 2 – Jades Re-born – Princess Janis’s Story

Princess Janis’s Story

Queen Janis Aquamarine-Loren

Joining hands the Celestial Six combined their powers and with great difficulty they managed to teleport Jade’s to a new, solar system located about 20.5 light years from Earth. In this Solar System they soon learned they were not alone, that there was two, other planets near to them and others about 20.5 light years away.

After many years they re-built their World and progressed greatly in various manners, soon they were able to freely move between the, three planets in their solar system. They became familiar with the other races inhabiting those planets. Making sure the Watcher’s kept their eyes open to the scientific advancement of the other planets and in time the War of Stone became known as Ancient History.

Queen Diamond ruled well like her mother had, for many years, yet she never re-married and Princess Janis grew into a young, smart, beautiful woman much like her mother. As time passed Diamond grew old and a great celebration took place known as the “Sleep of Solace, Sleep of Stone”. This meant Queen Diamond would retire from ruling and be placed into the Sleep of Solace, high in the depth of the Mountain of Whisper. Here many Queens through the generations of Jade’s were placed into a deep sleep, they would remain in the sleep for many centuries and only awake if there was a need for them in Jade’s.

Once the Queen was put to sleep her daughter Princess Janis became Queen Janis, she funded many expeditions to the various planets and in time her race soon started to explore Earth. She was fascinated with Earth, how beautiful and vast it was how humans as they were called related to one another. Each time she explored it more and more she became more daring and soon she began to Vacation there. Since she looked much like the Humans it wasn’t a huge problem for her to fit in. It was upon one of those Vacations she meant a young man named David Alexander Loren, he was a year or so older than her, the son of a NASA Scientist.

David Loren

David Loren

David thought her to be like all others of his race though in time young David soon learned Janis was innocent of most, things human. She knew nothing about killing, murder, rape, she knew only of Peace and as the two got to know one another they soon fell deeply in love. Janis began to struggle with telling David who she was, struggle with telling him she was an alien and that the circles and saucer in the sky people of his planet claimed to see were actually her coming and going.

However the time soon came for her to leave Earth and return home and so she told him, word is he sat for hours, now I’m not sure exactly how he replied but when I asked Queen Janis she got a sort of silly, smile on her face and told me this.

” He blinked looking rather shocked yet soon it passed into a look of mild, un-expectance and he replied to me like this”

” Erm okay… What brought this on all of a sudden; I mean I don’t really care about that but okay… “

He then cocked his head to the side a little but he gave a slight smile. 

“You know what, you really are silly, I don’t need to know all that to love you and I love you for who you are not for some flashy title or inheritance.”

He then lightly put his hand to my cheek and smiled

” Silly, I could have lived ignorant of that fact and still have been happy.”

That was the first time he kissed me, ever so lightly that it tingled all the way to my toes and I knew he was the one for me.

Shortly after this, well not shortly I suppose it would be about six years of your Human time, Queen Janis and David married becoming the ruling monarchy of our Jade’s.

It seemed David was happy to leave Earth behind as did his father both longing to explore all the ways of Jaden life. They both came to Jade’s and lived happily here. Queen Janis and King David later gave birth to two, lovely children a daughter first which they named Princess Romaine Isabella Loren and a year or two later a son which the named  Roman “Gaidon” Markus Loren.

Romaine Isabella Loren                             Roman “Gaidon” Markus Loren

Princess Romaine Loren GoldPrince Roman Loren


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