Chapter 14 – Back to the Beginning


Now it’s time to focus on the History of the Jade Kingdom in order to bring us to the current, ruling Princess Elisabeth Rose Moon of the Jade Kingdom. To do this we need to go back to the first ruler of the Jade Kingdom Lady Jade Lily Taurus and you can see their Family Tree as well.

Lady Jade Lily Taurus-Elizabeth                     Prince Gabriel Elizabeth

Princess Jade Lily Taurus-ElizabethPrince Gabriel Elizabeth

Lady Jade was born back when Jades was just beginning, she was the eldest daughter of a noble, upper class family in the Kingdom of Jades when it was located 50,000 light years away from Earth. Her mother had been a close friend of Queen Turquoise Aithes Coral-Gem so when the Queen was establishing her Kingdoms she handpicked Lady Jade to rule a segment of her Kingdom which later became known as the Jade Kingdom.

Since Lady Jade possessed a rare, sort of healing and earth manipulation power which had been passed down to her by her parents this became the foundation for magic in the Jade Kingdom. Lady Jade was a kind, gentle woman who, if she could would heal the whole world. She tended to, at times take on more than she could handle or try to heal more than she could and due to this she was often a very small, delicate, fragile sort of Princess.

People often came to her looking for healing, cleansing among other things, some came looking for her to heal a broken heart or bring back a dead loved one yet she could not do that, she had to turn such people away. It was in one of those meetings she met a young man named Gabriel; he had come to her looking for healing do to a rather comical run in with a tiger-bear. He was pretty scratched up and deeply wounded and so she got right to work; while she healed they talked seeming to form some, type of connection.

Gabriel was a member of the Queens Royal Guard and was extremely trained like all other Knights to the best of his ability. He had been put scouting the Inner Jade borders for any sign of trouble be the trouble by sky or ground when he was taken by surprise by a tiger-bear. A tiger-bear possessed the looming, over sized body of a powerful bear yet the claws, head, speed and coloring of an orange and black, tiger. They were well-known throughout the woods of Jades, regardless the tiger-bear had taken a nasty chunk out of Gabe’s left side and if it had not been for his partner, scaring the beast away with fire Gabe would likely be dead.

His partner, a tall, looming man a bit larger than Gabe had carried his bleeding buddy through two miles of dense forest to her. Gabe was currently in an out of consciousness and so she had to keep him talking and awake while she tended his wounds. She placed her small, hands after cleansing the wound lightly upon the wound as ripples of light, green energy trickled like droplets of water down her fingers, over her finger tips an into the wound. In truth it was like dripping water into an open cut, Gabe clenched his teeth in pain, breathing heavy as the wound began to mend on its own, the skin joining together little by little. After several moments passed the wound was fully gone, soft, fresh, pink skin was all that was left behind; you couldn’t even see that there had once been a wound there.

Jade sagged tiredly back away from Gabe resting her body against the wall behind the bed located beside Gabe’s, she was tired yet such was natural when she healed the sick or wounded. Gabe would sit up respect seen in the depth of his eyes feeling completely normal now an as he saw her sag he moved quickly catching her and supporting her instead of the wall. For some reason he wanted to hold her, thank her, touch her, he felt an attraction to this woman that he had not felt in many, long years and wanted to know everything about her.

Jade was surprised he had moved to catch her, surprised he still held her and surprised she was ok with it, few people touched her and she let few people close enough to her to do it. Regardless she was extremely tired after a full day of healing and she simply leaned into him, she was un-aware she had fallen to sleep until she woke a short time later and found herself still in his arms.

It was not too long after these two began dating one another; they dated for a rather long time for a Princess and her Suitor and soon married. Shortly after they married they gave birth to a lovely daughter who they decided to name.

Emerald Maria Elizabeth

Princess Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren


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