Chapter 13 – Return of the Lost Princess

Princess Kahlan Hawk-Martin


When Kahlan arrived in Jades she was overwhelmed by its beauty as well as its familiarity, she couldn’t place why it felt like home to her and found herself located in Inner Jades. It appeared that is where the portal had dumped her and before long she found herself before Queen Diamond and King Damon Flare.

After the surprise of this new, stranger in their lands when they hadn’t seen one in many years the King and Queen questioned her about where she had come from. Kahlan told them as much as she could though it didn’t prove to be overly helpful until we learned of the Bearer powers she possessed.

When the King and Queen learned of this power they called forth the Watchers who went back, through History and tracked this rare power back to the first Bearer, Sarita Chastity Richards. About this time they came to realize Kahlan was the long, lost Princess of the Coral Dreams Kingdom. Once it was confirmed and Kahlan told about it, I was able to get more information about Princess Kahlan and her life which I’ve placed in this document.

After things were organized Kahlan fell into her role of Princess Kahlan Stone at first she found it overwhelming and extremely complicated to handle, it took a lot of getting used to. Yet in time, with help she became rather good at it and started to form a relationship with her First Knight, Storm Joseph Martin.

Storm Joseph Martin

Prince Storm Martin

They grew rather close and later, with help from some of the Wizards a new stone was created, a black diamond and given to Storm so the two could be together. They eventually, like all those before them married and lived a long and happy life together giving birth to a set of, beautiful, twin girls which they name Chastity Coral Martin and Charity Ambrosia Martin.

Like those before them Charity and Chastity possessed the power of Bearers as well as the Water powers known to the Coral Dreams Kingdom. These powers had been dormant in all previous generations from birth. Kahlan was amazed at this but had, no way to teach the girls how to use these Water powers.

So she ended up sending the girls to a private school known as School of the Moon and there, they learned how to use their water powers. She then taught them how to use their Bearer gift. Meanwhile their father taught the young girls the ways of Defence, War and Fighting. Both girls grew up with much knowledge though they were as different as Night and Day.

Charity Martin

Princess Charity Martin

Charity was kind, generous, loving, caring to all things, she felt all creatures held a place in the World no matter how small they may be and refused to kill even a spider. She read various books on creatures, history, God, Goddesses, simply loving to sit in the Garden for hours on the swing her dad had made her when she was small. She was a child of sunlight; she seemed to flourish in the rays of the sun, happy, free and bright-eyed and didn’t much like the night.

Meanwhile Chastity liked to spend her time out with friends; she liked to party, sing and loved the social aspect of Jades. She enjoyed the full moon and the silence and peace of the night, she longed for the night an all the mystery it held and often slept in the day an explored at night. Some found the vast differences in the girls unsettling while others just smiled and shook their heads.

Chastity Martin

Princess Chastity Martin

This brings an end to the History so far, I just have no written the rest yet but I am working on it. Hope you enjoyed the read and I hope soon I have more to share with you about Jades.


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