Chapter 12 – Kahlan’s Re-birth

Kahlan Hawk-Stone


Two more years had passed for Princess Kahlan, two years where she had been forced to work for Trask, finally when he’d been paid off he let her go, as he’d promised he would. It was during this time Princess Kahlan’s power soon made itself known, every time someone tried to touch her or hurt her in any way in those, two years, they’d be taken by her Bearer touch.

She didn’t know where the power had come from, what it was or anything about it until she stumbled across a set of books written by Terry Goodkind. She began to read these books and became familiar with one of the main characters Kahlan Amnell. It nearly blew her mind to learn this woman was much like her; perhaps she was a great-grandmother or something! Regardless the books gave her a better understanding of her powers; even if they were based on a fantasy world, she knew that fantasy worlds were slowly becoming the worlds of her reality.

For a long time she saw her powers as a curse, however in time she soon began to use her powers often throughout the two years she worked for Trask. Yet it wasn’t long before she learned she could only use her powers every hour and if she used them too much she became extremely exhausted.

Regardless she was done with Trask now and so she and Bradford tried to fix what was left of their shattered relationship. Yet it was not possible, and Bradford went back to gambling, while she went back to teaching Dance and Aerobics.

It wasn’t too long later she heard of his death, he’d been killed, most likely due to his gambling problem. She felt guilty then, guilty for leaving him to look after himself when she’d known he was a gambler. She felt as if she could have stopped it somehow, maybe used her power on him and broke him of his addiction and so she would carry this new guilt with her for the rest of her life.

After Bradford’s death she left then and moved to the city of Detroit, she settled there and began once more working with Dance and choreography while studying how to be a Doctor on the side. In Detroit she had many adventures and stumbled across many people, one of those people was a man, named Winters. He was a decent man, somewhat lost like her and the two of them hit it off and began spending time together. One night while they were walking home a man pulled a gun on them and shot or stabbed Winters right in front of her, I can’t remember exactly which.

Regardless it was on this night, while Winters lay their bleeding that he told her what he was. She was shocked to the core to learn he was not human but a Vampire. At first she laughed, not believing him, thinking he was playing a terrible joke on her but then she saw the fangs and she knew it was true. She understood then why she’d felt the way she had around him, perhaps she had not loved him like she’d thought after all. Yet he was her friend and had been since she’d arrived in Detroit and he was dying, so she did the only thing she could, she slit her wrist and offered him her blood. He rejected it at first, yet she persisted and soon he took his fill of her, after he told her that her blood was the sweetest he’d ever tasted. She then told him what she was and he accepted her for who and what she was with no questions as any, true friend would. They had an interesting relationship after, not one of love or hate, perhaps simply one of understanding.

Soon after this experience she met another freak as she liked to call herself and those like her, this one turned out to be a Lycanthrope named Sadiee. Sadiee was a strange person; she held many feelings of guilt, loss and confusion and was one of the most complex beings Kahlan had ever met.

Regardless the two became good friends and Sadiee watched out for her much like Winters did, much like friends should for one another. She was happy at last, happy to be in a place where he felt she belonged, where she could be herself and not hide. She had many more adventures after this, met many other creatures one who sticks out in my memory immensely was a man named Shade. Then he wasn’t really a man at all, he was more of a shadow creature and Kahlan had attracted his attention.

He came to her out of the blue, asking her to be his consort; I must call it that for lack of a better term, as he explained to Princess Kahlan what he was. Shade explained that he was not human, he fed on the energy of humans or creatures and this is how he survived. Yet over the centuries he’d found Humans could not control his hunger and sustain him well and so he’d started feeding from creatures of the Supernatural sort. He had stumbled upon Kahlan by mistake, but being the creature he was he knew she was not human. After watching her for some time he’d determined she most likely, could sustain him. He’d tried at first to approach her kindly but when she’d rejected him due to the circumstances which surrounded the position he’d decided he’d take what he wanted.

Since her powers did not work on him and she had few friends who could defeat him, she eventually, in time, after watching multiple battles between him and Winters which nearly got her dear friend Winters killed consented. Regardless of consenting she refused to enjoy it, however she found out in time, that fighting it would cause her more pain than anything else in her life. After Shade had fed from her a couple of times however she soon found herself beginning to enjoy it immensely.

Shade was the first man she’d been with since Bradford and due to her powers she’d quickly learned she was cursed to be alone for all her life. Yet her powers did not work on Shade, she could be with him in any way she liked, be herself and not be scared of it. An so she soon began to long for his visits, for every time he came to feed from her, he’d take her to a place all their own and there he’d make love to her in the most passionate of ways over and over again.

She soon found she had fallen deeply in-love with him, she wanted to be with him, she wanted to be in his strong arms, to feel his darkness rap about her, cocoon her, protecting her, loving her. He was everything she longed for handsome, mysterious, haunting, and perfect and so she’d go to him. Anytime he came she’d go, over and over again as she realized she’d never felt passion like this in all her life.

Yet with all good things come the bad as well and soon she began to feel lost, confused and broken when he was not around. It was as if she’d found a new drug, as if it had given her the best high ever and now she was crashing down, down into an abyss of blackness and he was gone and there was no one left to help her. She struggled with this for some time, in truth it nearly killed her, yet for some reason, and finally, one day she decided she wanted to be Doctor, preferably of Crypto zoology, Psychiatry and Dermatology.

She returned to school than and began her studies. Several years passed, she forgot Shade, Winters and Sadiee too busy with her studies to worry about the past. During the years she was studying a Great War broke out in the World; they called it World War 3. Half the U.S.A was destroyed as well as most of the World, when it was over; few places were left for the remains of humanity to live.

Yet regardless of this she pushed on, she then finished her studies and soon got word of a small town called Bon Temps. Due to the War, a lot of the Supernatural entities that had existed in secret before the War soon made themselves known. They kept the World in balance in the after months of the War, so it was not un-common now to run into one in passing on the street. At first the remains of the human population feared these new entities, yet it didn’t matter, at this point there were so few normal Humans left in the World that they no longer posed any threat to the Supernatural’s.

So she journeyed to the small town of Bon Temps becoming their only, well-trained Doctor, she began to see various types of Supernatural’s and also study them to the greatest extent she could without harming them. Before long her Bearer power was joined with a new power called Sweet Talking, this gave her the ability with just her voice to make someone do as she instructed without qualm. It became very useful when tending bad wounds on her patients or dealing with small, nervous children. She enjoyed her life in the small town; she came to like the pace and made a home there.

However before long a request came to her, from a far off city named Atlantis, it was a vast city, built on a floating, silver platform in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. It gleamed in the sunlight like liquid silver, standing there in all its beauty and glory as if it was the only thing left from a once, great civilization. It was currently being run by a man named William Crowe. Word was he was a well-known multi-billionaire and had used his own funds to construct this vast city, which was said to be a sanctuary for Supernatural’s. He was said to be a somewhat roguish yet handsome man, who took no shit from anyone and ran his city with a firm but fair hand.

Well of course she had to go, she had to see this floating city, she had to see these Supernatural beings said to reside there. Her patients in Bon Temps bid her goodbye stating they would miss her and hoped she’d one day return and then she was off.

Upon arriving in Atlantis she was awe-struck by its beauty as well as its size, she was met at the Airport then escorted through the city by what they called Guardians. She was given an apartment in the Skyline as well as an office and told she could begin work when she liked and Mr. Crowe would send for her at a later date. So she got herself settled and began right away getting patients, she was by far, the only one in her fields available in Atlantis.

She remained in Atlantis for some time before word came to her yet again of an Island located some distance from Atlantis named Sanctuary.

Sanctuary was said to be home to various types of creatures from all walks of life and so being the ever, curious, Doctor she set out to explore Sanctuary. However she never arrived on the Island of Sanctuary, instead, somewhere along the way, likely around the Bermuda triangle, she found herself being teleported to no other place then Jades.


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