Chapter 11 – Into the Unknown

Alessandra Patience Ambrosia-Hawk

Princess Alessandra Patience Ambrosia-Hawk

Much had changed in the Universe since other members of Jades had ventured into the Unknown realms of space. Various planets all across the Universe had set of space bases, several had sent out probes and Science had massively changed people’s way of life. With Science came the advancement of technology and nothing seemed to be simple anymore. I am un-aware of all the places Princess Alessandra visited yet I know they’re in the range of hundreds, I also know she was the first female to ever enter the realm of Asmodeus. Yet she didn’t remain there long and soon found herself in the Nexus where previous generations had gone.

She was entranced by the Nexus, by its connection to all other realms and spent a great deal of time traveling to and from the various realms. It was on one of these trips that she happened to meet Prince Darien Hawk. He ruled one of the realms she would often visit and spend a great deal of time in. They met in passing at a rather large, charity ball which the Prince was hosting for homeless children, all money from the ball would be donated to the Orphanages so they could handle more children and there would be less homeless. Though the two came from separate worlds they found a common ground and together they built on that ground becoming close friends and soon falling in-love.

Darien Hawk

Prince Darien Hawk

Yet Princess Alessandra knew she could not be with him, somewhere along the way her mother Princess Coral had not passed the Wizards gift on to her only daughter thus making him open to her Bearer power. An so the time came when she had to tell Darien this.

However the night she tried to desperately explain this to Darien she was quickly cut off by his lips crushing hers in a passionate kiss. From what I was told she tried to push him away yet he held her tight, she’d never thought she could be so in-love with a man. His kisses made her heart skip a beat, it made her sway into his arms all warnings to move away fell silent as she found herself carried away on the kiss.

Then suddenly, before she knew it her powers, brought forth by such intense feelings ripped from her body and into him. He staggered in her arms in surprise taking a step back and looking at her  ” What the hell was that Ales?” Ales was the pet name he’d made up for her, often only he would call her by it as she gasped in shock, he was not Bared, he was still the same Darien. Now it was her turn to stare at him in stunned silence, never had she met anyone who was immune to the Bearer touch, how was it possible? After the surprise had passed for both she explained to him exactly what she was, what her powers could do and why they could not be together.

Yet before she could finish she was pulled back, into his arms by him as he smiled a bit looking down at her his British Accent thick and husky as he spoke. ” It appears my darling that your powers do not work on me, why is that I wonder, perhaps it is because I am the Prince of Shadows? ” Ales gasped softly, she had not know this, yet she had to admit she was happy her powers did not affect him, as she smiled some ” You have no idea how happy about that I am, I thought I was to be alone in life or be forced, like my mother was, to take a mate she did not love.”

It is said after this the two married and it was not long after the marriage that the cries of a little, baby girl were heard clearly through the house of Hawk. She was only a small baby, weighing no more than six pounds and rather fragile and weak. They decided to call the little one, Princess Kahlan Hawk and together they raised the child.


Kahlan Hawk

Princess Kahlan Elizabeth Hawk-Stone-Martin

Yet they were soon surprised to realize Princess Kahlan did not seem to possess either, of her parent’s powers, it was as if the powers had not been passed through the line or were locked in a deep sleep, within her tiny form. Do to this mystery they chose to raise Kahlan as a mortal, with no powers or special gifts. They could not return her to Jades as a Princess with no power, for she could not run a Kingdom, could she?

Regardless they had made their choice and soon joined a non-magical society, located in a realm called Earth. They got good jobs and worked hard all of their life raising Kahlan well. They never told her of Jades, of their powers or anything related to that world feeling she had no need to know. Yet not everything is candy and roses, for only a short time after they’d joined society a great, un-expected, tragedy struck taking both their lives. Kahlan would never talk of this tragedy and so I cannot tell you of it here, however I can tell you that it haunted the Princess for many years; she often suffered nightmares of it and struggled to get through life, day by day.

Due to her parents death and the states inability to find any, living family related to Kahlan, she was soon placed, within the Foster Care system. She was moved many times as a child from one home to the next and soon she simply stopped bothering to make friends. She spent a great deal of time alone, reading about faraway places and fairy tales, anything was better than her reality.

As she grew she developed great interest in all types of animals and plant life and soon she was reading every book she could on these subjects. When she’d exhausted most of these books she turned her interest to books about the Supernatural and read about the many types of Supernatural creatures as well, as they’re powers and skills.

By the time she had finished her research she’d grown into a lovely, young lady and was now old enough to be released from the Foster Care system. So she left her most, recent Foster Home and got a job working for her local Newspaper. It was not too long after that she took great interest in Health and Fitness and began working at the local Gym. After a time she was running her own Aerobics classes and decided to learn some Dance, which she later combined with Aerobics.

Soon she met a young man named Bradford Stone; they dated for a few years and eventually married. After being married for a couple of years Kahlan started writing her own Dance/Choreography and several of her pieces were used in various Videos and Movies.

Bradford Stone

(No Image on File)

Around this time, without her knowledge her Husband had started gambling and taking money from a multi-billionaire named Nicholas Trask, Trask owned various large corporations and was famous for his construction of Trask Towers.

She remembers the night of her one, year wedding anniversary like it was yesterday. She’d left work early to get home with plenty of time to get ready to go out with Brad. She’d arrived home to find the Apartment empty and figured Brad would be along shortly as she moved off to get ready for their night out. After a quick shower she’d heard the opening and closing of the front door and so with a smile on her face she went to see if it was Brad. When her gaze fell upon her husband her world went into slow motion, stunned by the sight of her battered husband, reality was thrown off-balance and she sensed that life was forever changed.

In the most difficult moment of his life and hers Brad confessed his gambling addiction and told her about the money Trask was now demanding.

Stunned by her husband’s confession and with waves of nausea sweeping through her trembling body, Kahlan struggled to grasp the full meaning of the words coming at her. A fountain of tears overflowed her soulful eyes as she felt her world crashing down around her.

” What are we going to do? We can’t pay that much money back. You have to call the police.”

” We can’t go to the cops, these are bad people, and they would kill me and maybe you too.”

When she thinks she has heard the worst, the impact of his next statement delivers a more devastating blow.

” The man I owe the money to wants you to come to work for him in one of his clubs until the debt is paid.”


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