Chapter 10 – A Bearer is Born

So Prince Kenjin and Princess Sarita produced a beautiful, healthy, strong, young girl which they named Princess Shiola Elisabeth Rikutski. Shiola grew up well. Her mother taught her many things, one of those things was never to Bare a man unless you were truly sure he was guilty of whatever crime he’d been accused of committing.  She taught Shiola this because as the years had passed she found herself over come with guilt about what she had done to Kenjin. Another thing she taught Shiola was to only Bare bad men and women who were of strong blood, heritage and background to keep the Bearer line strong. Due to the kind of energy their power required and due to how it drained them it was important to only breed with strong, healthy men.

Shiola Elisabeth Rikutski

Princess Shiola Elisabeth Rikutski-Ambrosia

Soon Princess Shiola grew into a lovely, young girl and was ready to take over the ruling of the Kingdom and so like her mother before her she did. Little was ever learned about Princess Sarita, in truth no one knows where she came from and few know besides me what it is, she did to Prince Kenjin. I imagine if others knew what it is Princess Sarita had done she’d most likely have been banished from Jades, for love is not something ever, to be toiled with. Regardless Princess Shiola ruled well and did many things in her life.

In time a young man known as Coal Ambrosia who was a merchant for one of the other Planets and traveled often between the planets selling various goods crossed paths in the Palace Gardens with Princess Shiola.

Coal Ambrosia

Prince Coal Ambrosia

At first he was weary of here due to the rumours he’d been told, about who and what she was, yet in time, on his journey’s back and forth they began to become friends. For a long time they were friends, he became her close and loyal advisor on various situations and he, on his own fell deeply in-love with her. She also fell in-love with him, yet she did not want to take him with her power for fear it would change the man he was, which was the man she loved.

These were tortured times for both as Coal wanted to be with her in any, possible way while she wanted to be with him in any, possible way. Finally one of the Wizards, after much debate and research offered them both a way out of the situation. He would construct an item of delicate substance which Coal would always have to wear. This item would then protect Coal from the Bearer power, rather than the Bearer power feeding into and taking over Coal it would feed into the stone, about his neck and become trapped within this stone.

Several more years past and Princess Shiola and Coal Ambrosia married, much later they birthed a beautiful, young daughter who they named Princess Coral Ambrosia. When the little Princess grew up, like the King and Queens before them the two retired into the “Sleep of Solace” and Prince Coal gave his only daughter the necklace which had been given to him long ago.

Coral Ambrosia

Princess Coral Ambrosia

Unfortunately not everyone lives happily, ever after and Princess Coral was one, such person. Though she was glad her parent had found a great love she decided early on such a love was not in the cards for her. Rather than worry about such things she focused all her attentions on her Kingdom, on advancing it, establishing a vast Education Network and pushing it to the brink of Greatness.

Before long Princess Coral realized she’d gotten old and would soon be passing into the “Sleep of Solace” with no one to continue on the Monarchy of the Coral Dreams Kingdom. So in her haste she set out for the newly, established prison located in the “Plains of the Dead”. Upon arriving there she explained to the Warden what she was looking for in a mate, he had to be of upper middle class standing, he had to be strong, a good fighter, trained in the skills of War.

After some contemplation the Warden gave her the name of a well-known prisoner Nathanial Taurus, apparently Nathanial had been kidnapping people from the outlying planets, importing them via ship into the Amber Kingdom then selling them to the Vampires of the Kingdom as slaves or for other reasons. He had a rather long, military background and had been doing well until he’d started the slave trade. In prison he held his own in a fight and had been on his best behaviour since he’d been brought to the prison. Hearing all this Princess Coral agreed to meet the man, she was astounded to find him extremely attractive in dark, roguish sort of way, yes he would do.

However Nathanial did not feel the same, when he saw the Princess though he could credit her for her astounding beauty he was terrified of her. He had heard for many years the stories of the Coral Dreams Kingdom, the powers the women possessed. Upon seeing her he fell to his knees begging her to forgive him, to please not turn him into a mindless drone.

They say however the Princess lowered her gaze to him, her eyes held no mercy and when she spoke her tone was soft yet stern ” Nathanial Taurus due to your crimes against Jades and humanity I sentence you to being Bared. When I am done you will no longer be Nathanial Taurus you will be  Prince Nathanial Ambrosia.” This said she touched him, a silent flash of light was seen as her power poured into the man. After a few moments he raised his head to gaze upon her, love in his eyes he rose and left the Prison that day on the arms of the Princess.

Nathanial Ambrosia

Prince Nathanial Ambrosia

After these things happened, life went as it often does in Jades, the two married and later birthed a daughter like those before them. They choose to call her Princess Alessandra Patience Ambrosia. They raised her together, taught her the ways of Jades while her father taught her the ways of War and filled her mind with all the beautiful places beyond Jades.

Alessandra Patience Ambrosia-Hawk

Princess Alessandra Patience Ambrosia-Hawk

They say the little Princess loved to read about faraway places and was often found in the Garden playing out some crazy fantasy. She was a gentle, delicate sort of creature who seemed to possess the virtue of Patience.

She grew strong and healthy yet found soon books could not qualm her desire for adventure and knowledge, when she reached her teen years however, on her eighteenth birthday her parents decided it was time to retire into the “Sleep of Solace”. Soon she was Princess yet even the responsibility of the crown could not tame her wild heart and so she set out to explore the Universe leaving her Advisor in charge of the Kingdom.


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