Chapter 1 – Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time in a universe far, far away there lived a little girl named Bianca Poppins. Bianca lived in a place called St Claire with her mother and father. Now both of Bianca’s parents had never planned to have children, they strived in life to reach the top of there career’s so when Bianca was born it was a surprise to both her parents.

Bianca’s mother looked after Bianca somewhat when she was but a baby though various Nanny’s did most of the work. When Bianca grew into a toddler her mother hired a full-time Nanny named Nanny Mc Phee to watch her daughter so she might go back to work.


Nanny Mc Phee however was no ordinary Nanny, she was actually a Witch from a long line of skilled and powerful Witches, however she kept her true identity hidden. Every so often however when mother and father went to work and Nanny took me outside I would see her playing with a stick, she somehow made the strange stick glow in the most interesting manner. Naturally being a Toddler I did not know at the time she was a Witch all I knew was she liked to play with glowing sticks and I’d watch her, curious.


Though I wanted for nothing and had everything money could buy because my parents made sure of it, I often found myself lonely until Nanny came into my life.


Soon Nanny became like a mother to me and though I longed for my parents love even at a young age I was content for a while with Nannny. It was Nanny who taught me to walk only a short time after she started looking after me.


To potty…


To talk…


My parents never even noticed when I learned these things however Nanny was there always proud, always full of smiles always happy.


Nanny also took care of all the cooking, cleaning and feeding me on top of looking after me.



Her face was the last I saw at night and the first I saw in the morning, well besides my toy friend Cuddles that is. Cuddles was always with me, it sang me to sleep, talked to me, played with me and watched over me every night.


When my parents were not at work mother would be locked in her study inventing and father would be playing music. At least mother called it inventing, being a Toddler I was not sure if catching on fire and nearly burning down the house was part of inventing.


An if mother being sprayed with bright, white foam was normal or what, regardless it was pretty funny when it happened and it happened often.




I was alos not sure if daddy slamming on the piano was playing music or not all I new was I for sure didn’t want to do such jobs when I grew up.


Though mother called herself an inventor she always rose before 6 AM and left the house until late afternoon for some reason or another. Father did a similar thing day in and day out but he left much later then mother.



As time passed I never really saw mother and father so when my birthday came and Nanny was the only one to celebrate it this was no surprise to me.

Screenshot-5 (2)

Screenshot-9 (2)

However mother an father must have known because when I went to bed the night of my birthday my room had been completely done over in my favourite colors.

Screenshot-10 (2)

That night well I was sleeping I woke to hear the opening and closeing of doors and the footsteps of people as well as hushed voices. I was not sure who or what it might be however I was a rather curious child and so I went to the window in Nanny’s Occulet room to see, at least that is what she called it, I had no idea the meaning. It was full of strange, intereing things that I not dare touch, yet. As I looked out the window my eyes opened wide a tiny gasp passing my lips, who and what was it?


I reconized Nanny and Daddy walking sort of slow and weird like, as if they were there but not really it was such a strange thing to see. I saw them speak to the weird, black eyed creature and Nanny even shook its hand as if they were old friends.


Now I’d never seen such a creature, the sight of it scared me, was it taking Nanny and daddy? Why did it want them? Did it have something to do with that strange book Nanny had been reading earlier? What could I do?


The End


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