Chapter 24 – Goodbye

Diamond 2 after Cass was born had little time to work on Inventing and so had not yet invented the Time Machine she was planning to make. She spent a lot of time with her new son teaching him what she could.

Teaching Cass To Talk

Adam had also bought Carn a walker and playpen to help out a bit, so when Diamond was out performing and no one was around, Diamond 2 could put Carn in the walker or playpen well she cooked or worked.

Cass Walking

Cas Learning Logic

Diamond was performing for tips often now in hopes she could improve her magic and get her first gig.

Performing for Tips

Leisure Day soon arrived in Lucky Palms and everyone wanted to throw a pool party, so Diamond got on the phone and decided to throw one. Several people showed up and had a good time swimming and dancing but as sunset came Diamond decided to cook some Hot Dogs for everyone and a terrible fire broke out.

Fire at Pool Party

Lucky for her no one died but it was not much help all her friends running about screaming in fear well she and her family tried to battle the flames. Soon the fire department arrived and completed putting out the flames, but everyone had been pretty scared from the fire and the party came to an end.

Later that night Cal and Carn grew into YA and strangely shared a birthday with Cass who grew into a child.

Calcite Flare/YA

Cal YA

Carnelian Flare/YA

Bye Carn

Casserite Flare/Child

Cass Child

Soon after several of the kids grew up Diamond got her first, real gig at the local park.

FG 1

First Gig

FG 2

Sadly her first gig did not go so well but she had enjoyed performing for other people and some had seemed to like it.

Earned 170

Prom was soon upon the house for Char and Clinohumite, sadly Prom did not go well as the twins got into various fights and the people they liked ignored them. Something about Diamond having kids out of marriage and with various dads and such caused this. By the time the twins got home Char was so exhausted from the terrible night she’d had she passed out on the kitchen floor.

Exhausted Char

Next day after Prom and graduation, the boys started talking about moving out, this came as no surprise when they spoke of wanting to move home to Bellatrix.

Carn Moving to Bellatrix

Diamond was sad to see them go but she understood how curious they both were about their home planet of Bellatrix, and so she hugged her boys Goodbye.

Goodbye to Both

It was sad for her to see them go as it had seemed like they were always there. After saying goodbye the boys left in their ships for strange new lands.

Goodbye Carn…

Bye Carn 3

Goodbye Cal…

Cal 2


Chapter 23 – Pretending

Diamond 2 had been aware for some time what her maker wanted for her, however that did not mean she was very happy about it. Diamond 2 was very much like Diamond, even though she was a clone, she did not want to spend the life she had been given producing offspring. However she knew until she found a way to be rid of Diamond she would have to do as requested of her.

It was at this time Diamond 2 started to work at inventing things, she’d heard a lot of interesting things about inventing like Time Machines and the like. If she could build a Time Machine then she could leave Diamond and baby making and settle somewhere through time, perhaps France would be a nice place to go.


She’d spent a great deal of time on Google learning about various places in the world and so far France had spiked her interest a great deal, she had learned from Google the World was full of great places and she wanted to see them all. So with this in mind she began inventing, making small things for now and later she would work her way to larger inventions. With Diamond so wrapped up in her new Career and the thoughts of travel it was a good time for Diamond 2 to begin the process of getting rid of Diamond.

On top of inventing she’d also stumbled across a lovely plant in the basement, after some research she’d learned it was a Cow-Plant and it would eat people if given the chance. So well she worked on inventing, hidden away in the basement lab no one used anymore she also worked on befriending the Cow Plant, maybe if it liked her enough it would eat Diamond for her.

Evil Plan 1

However well-doing all this she also had to keep up an appearance that she was seeking out Baby Daddies and producing children. Lucky for her earlier in the day she’d noticed an interesting Sim move in across the road and decided to go and say hello.

Meeting Gold

Her and this new Sim talked for a while as the sun slowly set and the moon began to rise, she learned his name was Adam Gold and they talked about how he had kicked the bucket, if he was single, what he liked as well as several, other interesting things.

Asking How He Died

Asking If Single

After talking for a while she noticed he had a small dog and the dog appeared to be rather hungry, so she suggested they head inside. However before the question passed her lips a howl filled the air as the full moon rose into the sky. It was a rather close and scary howl as she looked to find where it had come from. Suddenly Adam started making horrible noises as her eyes widened he turned into a wolf right before her.

Wolf Transforming

This changed scared her to death, she’d never met a Wolf before being a newly created clone. It was too much for her as she felt herself growing faint “Not now, not now.” However there was nothing she could do, terrified he’d eat her she crumpled to the ground in a dead faint.



Adam was used to this kind of reaction when he changed, so after Diamond hit the ground he simply hovered over her waiting for her to wake. When she started to come round he soothed her with his voice letting her know she was safe and despite his change he was still himself.

Slowly Diamond stood up still a bit nervous about what had just, taken place, however feeling as if she was relatively safe she nervously began to study everything about his new look.

Waking Up

She found his fur very soft and that despite what he’d become she thought he looked rather adorable as a Wolf.

Complimenting Fur

About that time another strange, creature rose from the ground outside Adam’s house. She quickly hid behind him as h explained it was a Zombie and they best go inside.

Is Single

Once inside Adama made himself something to eat and she went to the bathroom to freshen up. She was a little surprised when Adam floated in through the wall complaining how his back was sore and he was considering getting a shower. Instead she told him to turn around and she’d give him a message.

Heating Things Up

One thing lead to another and soon the two found themselves in the shower.

Baby Making 2

Diamond 2 found the whole process extremely interesting and perhaps even enjoyable. Maybe this baby making would not be so bad after all as they made their way to the bedroom after the shower.

BM 3


Morning came far too soon for Diamond 2 as she quietly rolled out of Adam’s bed, kissing him on the forehead and gathering up her clothing she made her way home. After a shower and a meal Diamond 2 found herself feeling rather sick but had no idea why. Later that night she smiled as Charoite and Clinohumite grew into Teens, now all the kids in the house were Teens and she had to admit she’d enjoyed watching them all grow and change.


Charoite Flare


Clinohumite Flare

Not too long after Char and Clin grew into Teens did Diamond 2 notice she’d put on a lot of weight. Later it was confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child, she was excited and scared at the same time. Diamond was thrilled to see that her clone was doing as she’d wanted and producing more children to help with the request the Council of Seven had asked of her.

Very Pregger

Sometime later Diamond 2 felt stabbing pains through her body, it was confirmed by Diamond she was indeed going into later. Diamond rushed Diamond 2 to the LP Hospital feeling it best for the baby to be born in Hospital encase anything went wrong.

Everyone thought her and Diamond 2 were simply twin sisters and that was fine with Diamond, it let her be in the room with Diamond 2 who was terrified and hold her hand. For twenty-four hours Diamond 2 was in labor and Diamond was there holding her hand, soothing her and explaining to her it was normal. Soon both women heard the first, newborn cry as the most beautiful gold and pink baby was born, he was beautiful.

Casserite Flare/Ghost/Fairy

Cassiterite Flare

Diamond 2 was not sure how Adam new but a couple of days later when she was released from the Hospital she came home to find Adam waiting to meet his new son.

Daddy, Baby, Mommy

It seemed after everyone had met the knew baby and some time passed that Ghost/Fairy children aged a bit faster than most. Though Diamond 2 greatly enjoyed motherhood before she new it her son was a Toddler.

Casserite Flare/Toddler/Ghost/Fairy

Cassiterite Flare T


Note: I was really excited to get my first Ghost/ Fairy as I’ve never had one before so I aged him to show you all how he looked as a Toddler. I remember last night when it happened in my game I was all excited and told my Husband.

Me: “Yay, I got a Ghost/Fairy Baby.”

Husband: ” Um ok, is that a good thing?”

Me: “Lol, hell yes I’ve never had a Ghost baby before let alone a Ghost/Fairy.”

Husband: “Awsome.”

My Husband does not play Sims 3, he hates the game because of all the troube it has given me in the past and the many times it crashed and I lost everything and cried.

Cheers to the Flare’s first but not last Ghost/Fairy!

Chapter 17 – Beauty of the Moon

Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day!

Princess Emerald Hallowell-Moon                       Prince William Moon

Princess Emerald Hallowell-MoonPrince William Moon


As I stated earlier due to the death of Emerald’s mother her father fell deeper and deeper into despair, soon he spent no time with his daughter at all because every time he looked at her he saw his wife and it ripped at his heart. His Servants tended to his daughters every need; well he always maintained he had too much to do. Due to this Emerald spent most of her time alone or with her Grandfather Silvanus, like her mother before her Silvanus taught Emerald all he could and spent more time with her then her own father. For Silvanus his little Emerald was all he had left of his dead wife and daughter, well he gave her the love and attention she needed her father showered her in gifts to so he wouldn’t feel guilty about ignoring her.

 Of all the gifts her father gave her there was only one she truly treasured, this gift was a beautiful Pegasus with an ice, white coat laced with touches of emerald. Its wings spanned out around it like delicate, white clouds. She had a very hard time thinking of a name for her Pegasus but soon settled on calling him Jade. Often in the morning before anyone had rose she would head out to the stable as the first hints of the rising sun were seem, climb bareback upon Jade and the two would take off across the Jade Kingdom landscape enjoying the sounds of nature all around them.


Emerald Horse

 It was on one of these rides that she happened upon a young man with the same thoughts so early in the morning. She ran into him well riding among one of the many patches of wildflowers scattered about the Kingdom. It just so happened with the wildflowers growing so tall and such a burst of color Jade nearly stepped upon him. He was sprawled out on his back; eyes closed just laying there as if in a deep sleep. He hardly moved when Jades hoofs came down inches from his head and Jade stumbled flapping her wings he sailed eloquently over the young man.

 Once safely over the man the Princess turned Jade about ready to give this man a serious scolding indeed. It was then she found herself deeply taken by him, his hair was as white as Jade’s fur and his skin as pale as those who lived in the Crystal Ice Kingdom. As he slowly cracked open his eyes to finally gaze upon who had interrupted his sleep she saw they were ice blue. She found herself breathless then unable to say anything which was rare for a Princess such as her who held all the grace and pose of royalty.

 “I’m William” He said, speaking simply his ice blue gaze colliding with her emerald one, he seemed un-effected by her though she was clearly effected by him, yet he spoke nothing of it.

She coughed “I’m, well…I’m Princess Emerald of the Jade Kingdom.” She seemed then to come out of her daze at how unique he was. “Sorry Jade and I nearly ran you over, we never seen many in these fields.” She stroked Jades neck with light affection.

Realizing who she was William bowed to the Princess, such was proper in the Jaden Kingdoms “Well Princess it is of no worry, as you can see I am fine.”

Emerald would nod “Yes, yes you are fine.” She blushed lightly “Excuse us we um need to go, it is likely they are looking for us.” She meant the Palace Guard naturally as she did not completely trust this man as she turned Jade about to head home.

William would chuckle at her words “Well then Sky and I shall escort you back to your palace so we can be sure you’re safe.”

Emerald was not sure who Sky was as she saw no other person with William but she did know it was proper for a gentlemen to escort a lady to their door. Before she could object to his invitation she heard the soft whisper of wings as a pure, white Pegasus landed beside the man. She had never seen another with a Pegasus despite her; Jade was also apparently curious of this other Pegasus and cautiously approached snorting and making a soft new sound. After a moment it seemed the two animals understood one another as William mounted the one called Sky and turned in the direction of the Jade Palace.

William escorted Emerald home and after that often when Emerald was out riding, no matter where she would go they’d cross paths. Emerald had never felt like this about anyone before and did not, fully understand it all. She often wished her mother was present to explain the butterflies in her stomach when she saw William or the lighting she felt in her body when his hand accidently brushed hers.

 Jade and Sky also seemed to be happy with one another and as Emerald an William grew to learn more about one another soon Emerald was sure she was in-love with him. Emerald soon learned William was not a Prince but the son of a wealthy Lord in Aquamarine Kingdom. He had not been given Sky she had simply come to him one day well he’d been out traveling and the two had grown into good friends. He was one of the few people aloud to have a Pegasus not of the Royal lines, however because Jaden Law respected all creatures and Pegasus like Horses could talk they agreed to the Wishes of Sky.

As more time passed it soon became aware to Emerald that she could no longer hide her love for William yet she feared he did not feel the same. Since she was not sure of his love she began to spend less time out riding and more time inside the Palace walls avoiding William. If he did not love her she did not want him to feel he had to be with her because she loved him.

 To her surprise a month after she had locked herself away in the palace William came calling. She was nervous to see him however she knew she had to put an end to these meetings and be honest with how she felt. No sooner had she entered the music room (where she’d spent much time playing the Piano) then William fell to one knee and took her hand in his.

“Emerald I’m not sure if you feel as I do but these last, few months with you has shown me that we belong together. Emerald I love you dearly, deeply and completely and I’m here to ask your hand in marriage. I have already been given your Father and Grandfather’s blessing so Princess Emerald Hallowell of the Jade Kingdom will you marry me William Moon?”

Of course she said yes, all her fears and sadness seemed to fade away when she finally heard the words from him she longed to hear. Soon after the two were married and her father retired to the Sleep with her mother leaving Emerald and William to rule the Jade Kingdom. Shortly after the palace walls echoed with the healthy, happy cry of another baby girl which the couple named Nicora Rose Moon.

We are like the bright moon, yet we still have a darker side!

Princess Nicora Rose Moon

Princess Nicora Rose Moon

Chapter 16 – Serene Serenity

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help!

Princess Serenity Warren-Hallowell          Prince Michael Hallowell

Princess Serenity Warren-HallowellPrince Michael Hallowell

Gardening is an instrument of grace!

Serenity like her mother held the powers of Healing and like her father had been given the love of the Forest, Animal and People. She was too many like a delicate, innocent flower that held great beauty inside and out. Like most Princesses in Jades she grew quickly into an adult, as a child she was given everything a Princess could be given, yet despite being overly spoiled she still maintained her loving, sweet, content nature.

Serenity’s father being a God was not around much when she was a young girl, he had many things to tend to in his Forests and so her mother had pretty much raised her alone. However when her father was able to be with her he would lift her into his lap near the warm fire and tell her stories about his adventures. He also spent the time he could teaching her the ways of the Forest and how to best use her gifts. Though he was a God he never missed a birthday or an important even in her life and being as sweet natured as she was Serenity understood why her dad could not always be with her and her mother.

 Her best friends were the various animals her parents had acquired for her and one of the servant’s sons named Michael Hallowell. Despite the type of animal her parents acquired for her be it a snake or Tiger they all were tame under her care. Her palace grounds were full of animals and other interesting creatures. She and Michael spent a great deal of time caring for the animals and helping those they could. With Michael being a skilled Witch who dreamed of being a Mystic Healer and Serenity’s power to heal and calm animals the two were inseparable from the age of five to twenty-one.

At twenty-one after spending a so much time together both began to feel for the other in ways beyond that of being friends. Not too long after they began to date and did so for a few years before Michael finally felt worthy enough of Serenity to purpose to her. At first Serenity was hesitant of accepting for fear it would change the friendship they had spent years developing however with a stern talk from her mother she soon accepted she loved Michael and a few months later, before her mother retired into the Sleep of Stone she and Michael were married.

Her father came to the wedding and gave his only daughter away to a Servants son. Though he was not overly pleased with her choice he cared enough about her happiness to be accepting of it. He often called her his delicate rose because next to his Forests she and her mother were loved deeply. When Serenity’s mother retired into her Sleep her father was there to see it, both had spent many happy years together. After her mother was gone and Serenity took over ruling of the Kingdom her father did not visit nearly as often.

About a year after her and Michael had been married Serenity became pregnant with their first child, however she being delicate as she was and healing as she did had a rather complicated pregnancy. About seven months into her Pregnancy Serenity ended up bedridden and by the eighth month it was obvious she may not survive the birth. Due to the complications she was having Serenity ended up going into labor a month early and birthing a premature yet otherwise healthy baby girl she named Emerald Hallowell after her mother.

 Her father Silvanus was there for the birth, he held her hand and watched as his first grandchild entered the world while Michael held her other hand and the servants helped with the birth. When all was said and done and Emerald’s first cry was heard it is said a gentle smile crossed Serenity’s lips as her eyes closed and she whispered, “take care of our delicate flower Michael and daddy” and then she was gone to join her mother. Much sadness was felt throughout the Jade Kingdom that day, yet with the sadness joy was felt as well, at the birth of the otherwise healthy baby Princess.

 Michael loved his little Emerald from the first time he saw the baby’s bright, green eyes and delicate, fluff of sun streaked hair. Yet he also mourned the loss of his Serenity and as time progressed he seemed to grow worse for wear.

Princess Emerald Hallowell-Moon

Princess Emerald Hallowell-Moon

Chapter 22 – Crossroads In Life

Spring came to Lucky Palms shortly after Diamond had created Diamond 2 and life seemed to maintain its balance as the kids started School. Since Diamond no longer needed to Work she started to find herself growing bored as the days took longer and longer to pass her by. It was at this point well reading the paper one day and seeing an ad for a Magician that Diamond decided to invoke on a new crossroad in her life.

True she’d been told by the Council of Seven that she could not have any job minus the ones they listed. However she was the Queen, it was her on this planet far away from home being forced to produce 100 kids  and she’d be damned if she let the council tell her what she could and could not do. So she left the house that day with her mind-set on one thing and one things only, to become one of the most  famous Magician’s known to the Sims Universe, well she did that Diamond 2 would keep creating the Flare line, so she thought.






Soon after I invoked on the start of my Magician Career Carn and Cal’s father came over for a visit, he knew the boys would be growing into Teens soon and wanted to give them a very, special gift. He’d supposedly spent the last several months and with the help of his family had created these gifts especially for his sons.




Imagine my surprise when he told me the gifts were a spaceship for each boy, he wanted to give them this gift so they could travel to their home planet of Bellatrix.

Boys Ships

When he spoke of Bellatrix I was instantly curious, it was nice to speak to another person like myself from another planet. He told me all about its stunning purple and sand covered landscape which went on for miles. He described to me the various trees, some blue and shaped like mushrooms, some gold in color and others a strong, dark pink. He told me about the various crystals scattered about and his favorite fishing hole.

Bella 4

Bella 1

Bella 5

Bella 3

Bella 2

Once he finished telling me about his world which I thought was positively stunning, all that purple I told him about my home World of Jades. I’d never told anyone about Jades before so I went into great detail explain to him about the Seven Kingdoms, about my Kingdom of Inner Jades. I told him about its warm, sand covered landscape and the tall, looming buildings made of Jade, Ruby, Amber and its gem covered streets of Topaz and Sapphire.

Roads of Sapphire an Golden Topaz 1

Imagine my surprise when he interrupted me and told me about a planet similar to mine which he had come across well traveling from here to Bellatrix. He told me that even though the planet was similar to mine in various ways its name was Sanctum.

I was suddenly extremely curious; could there truly be a planet out there like Jades that I did not know about? Perhaps such a planet was in some way connected to Jades. I asked many questions about this planet, its location and such and he answered the best he could. When he finished describing the various things about Sanctum to me I knew it was a place I would simply have to visit.

Jade Building 1

Ruby Building 1

Sapphire Building 1

I asked him if it was possible for him to take me to Sanctum and possibly Bellatrix for a visit as I was curious about both locations. He said it was but before we could we would need to upgrade all three ships for space travel and that would take a couple of months. Since I was pretty skilled in all things mechanical I agreed to help him, first we’d do the boys ships because their birthday was close at hand and then his.




I found myself looking forward to the boys growing up and being able to see their home planet. One day I’d return to my own home planet but first I was going to explore as much as I could about his world and this new world Sanctum.  A million new possibilities had just opened to me, if I could gather some money, get my own spaceship, upgrade it, then I could travel to and from Jades, Sanctum and Bellatrix. I suddenly found myself bursting with excitement to be able to travel and explore other places.


Before we knew it Cal, Carn and their dad who seemed to share a birthday with his sons aged up into Teen and Adults. I still hadn’t finished upgrading the ships however for space travel but the boys dad wanted to show them their gift.

Carn to Teen

Carnelian Flare/Teen

Carn Teen

Cal to Teen

Calcite Flare/Teen

Cal Teen

So we led the boys to the garage where we gave them their gifts and explained that they were similar to cars but able to fly and travel through space once I finished upgrading them. After I’d spent most of the night upgrading the boys ships to alow space travel I turned in for the night.




Sunday came quickly and I got to work teaching Carn to drive so she could travel and use the gift his father had given him. Being an alien he had a higher intellect then most and thus learned to drive rather quickly. Well I taught Carn to drive Turquoise taught Cal to drive and both boys before Sun night knew how to drive.

Carn Learning to Drive


Cal Learning to Drive


Chapter 15 – Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren

Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren                 Silvanus (God Form)

Princess Emerald Maria Elizabeth-WarrenSilvanus - Jacob Warren

Emerald was a representation of all things good, like her mother she held the gifts of healing while her looks came mostly from her father. She also possessed a very gentle yet stubborn nature and tried to, at times take on more then she could handle as far as healing the sick went. She showed great promise from a young age as a healer and thirsted for knowledge, which many new would one day make her a great ruler. She despised War and anything related to it as most healers would yet strived to do as much as she could for her fellow man should such a tragedy take place.

She loved nature and spent a great deal of time collecting flowers, herbs or helping sick or lost animals that she came across. She soon grew into a strong, intelligent, smart, young woman and after she came of age her parents were ready to marry her off.

Perhaps it was her gentle nature that attracted the interest of the God Silvanus or her ability to calm and heal his animals of the forest, whatever it was, she did attract his attention. So much so that Silvanus came to her under the mortal guise of Jacob Warren stumbling across her on purpose in the Forest, near her home.

Jacob Warren (Mortal Form)

Prince Jacob Warren

Emerald thought, naturally, that meeting this man in the woods about her home was pure chance and when she saw him wounded from what appeared to be a fall she immediately took it upon herself to heal him. She held a small wicker basket in hand which she had filled throughout the day with the various herbs she had collected. Kneeling beside the man she saw blood pooling about a wound in his head likely gotten from the fall.

Ripping a strand loose from her silken gown she cautiously moved the man dabbing at the wound, cleansing it then she tossed the cloth aside gathering up several, strange looking herbs. With expert hands she crushed the herbs on a flat stone nearby with a light rock and mixed them around with her finger, she then took the suave she had made and placed it over the wound on his head as the man began to stir.

She smiled a bit as she watched his long, lashes sweep back and his eyes open fully to reveal beautiful, soft, blue eyes. It was only then, sitting there, looking into his face did she come to realize how handsome he truly was. He had silver hair that fell in delicate strands around his face in subtle curls to about his shoulders. His skin was pale yet is held a healthy glow while his jaw was finely shaped as if chiselled to perfection by an expert statue maker.

His eyes were soft and blue like the sky on a clear, sunny day and looked like they could go on forever. Her gaze slowly moved from his face to the rest of him, he looked to be well built as if he exercised on a daily bases. He wore a navy blue, dress shirt with silver trim and pair of comfortable, blue jeans ending with black and what looked to be leather hiking boots.

She seemed not to notice that while she studied him, he studied her yet her interest soon turned back to his wound.” Well you look better and let me help you up, I should take you back to my clinic and better service that wound.” Jacob would agree with her and together the two made their way back to the Jade Clinic where she set Jacob up in a bed to rest, she wanted to keep him under observation because bangs on the head could sometimes be unpredictable.

Jacob stayed in the clinic for a few days and as those days passed he and Emerald grew closer. When Jacob was ready to leave the clinic he did so and soon after to two began to date. It was no surprise when Jacob purposed to Emerald and she accepted, once married Jacob revealed to her he was none other than Silvanus. At first it is said Emerald was upset that he had lied to her all this time and even though she was expecting their first child she planned to leave Silvanus. No one is sure what took place but the two seemed to work out their relationship differences and became the proud parents of a daughter which they named Serenity Warren.

Princess Serenity Warren

Princess Serenity Warren-Hallowell

Chapter 14 – Back to the Beginning


Now it’s time to focus on the History of the Jade Kingdom in order to bring us to the current, ruling Princess Elisabeth Rose Moon of the Jade Kingdom. To do this we need to go back to the first ruler of the Jade Kingdom Lady Jade Lily Taurus and you can see their Family Tree as well.

Lady Jade Lily Taurus-Elizabeth                     Prince Gabriel Elizabeth

Princess Jade Lily Taurus-ElizabethPrince Gabriel Elizabeth

Lady Jade was born back when Jades was just beginning, she was the eldest daughter of a noble, upper class family in the Kingdom of Jades when it was located 50,000 light years away from Earth. Her mother had been a close friend of Queen Turquoise Aithes Coral-Gem so when the Queen was establishing her Kingdoms she handpicked Lady Jade to rule a segment of her Kingdom which later became known as the Jade Kingdom.

Since Lady Jade possessed a rare, sort of healing and earth manipulation power which had been passed down to her by her parents this became the foundation for magic in the Jade Kingdom. Lady Jade was a kind, gentle woman who, if she could would heal the whole world. She tended to, at times take on more than she could handle or try to heal more than she could and due to this she was often a very small, delicate, fragile sort of Princess.

People often came to her looking for healing, cleansing among other things, some came looking for her to heal a broken heart or bring back a dead loved one yet she could not do that, she had to turn such people away. It was in one of those meetings she met a young man named Gabriel; he had come to her looking for healing do to a rather comical run in with a tiger-bear. He was pretty scratched up and deeply wounded and so she got right to work; while she healed they talked seeming to form some, type of connection.

Gabriel was a member of the Queens Royal Guard and was extremely trained like all other Knights to the best of his ability. He had been put scouting the Inner Jade borders for any sign of trouble be the trouble by sky or ground when he was taken by surprise by a tiger-bear. A tiger-bear possessed the looming, over sized body of a powerful bear yet the claws, head, speed and coloring of an orange and black, tiger. They were well-known throughout the woods of Jades, regardless the tiger-bear had taken a nasty chunk out of Gabe’s left side and if it had not been for his partner, scaring the beast away with fire Gabe would likely be dead.

His partner, a tall, looming man a bit larger than Gabe had carried his bleeding buddy through two miles of dense forest to her. Gabe was currently in an out of consciousness and so she had to keep him talking and awake while she tended his wounds. She placed her small, hands after cleansing the wound lightly upon the wound as ripples of light, green energy trickled like droplets of water down her fingers, over her finger tips an into the wound. In truth it was like dripping water into an open cut, Gabe clenched his teeth in pain, breathing heavy as the wound began to mend on its own, the skin joining together little by little. After several moments passed the wound was fully gone, soft, fresh, pink skin was all that was left behind; you couldn’t even see that there had once been a wound there.

Jade sagged tiredly back away from Gabe resting her body against the wall behind the bed located beside Gabe’s, she was tired yet such was natural when she healed the sick or wounded. Gabe would sit up respect seen in the depth of his eyes feeling completely normal now an as he saw her sag he moved quickly catching her and supporting her instead of the wall. For some reason he wanted to hold her, thank her, touch her, he felt an attraction to this woman that he had not felt in many, long years and wanted to know everything about her.

Jade was surprised he had moved to catch her, surprised he still held her and surprised she was ok with it, few people touched her and she let few people close enough to her to do it. Regardless she was extremely tired after a full day of healing and she simply leaned into him, she was un-aware she had fallen to sleep until she woke a short time later and found herself still in his arms.

It was not too long after these two began dating one another; they dated for a rather long time for a Princess and her Suitor and soon married. Shortly after they married they gave birth to a lovely daughter who they decided to name.

Emerald Maria Elizabeth

Princess Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren