Chapter 21 – Oh My Clone!

Winter had finally settled in Lucky Palms and there had been a couple Snow Days already. I finally was able to, for once, in a long time see the beauty of Winter. I really didn’t like Snow or the cold but the way the snow sparkled like Diamonds scattered across the landscape made me apperciate it more and start taking pictures here and there.

Screenshot-16 (2)

Screenshot-17 (2)

Screenshot-13 (2)

Screenshot-12 (2)

With Winter here Turquoise and I finished teaching Clinohumite and Charoite to Walk and Talk.



Soon after they finished learning these skills they grew into the most adorable children, everytime I looked at them I saw Twallan.

Clinohumite Flare/Child


Charoite Flare/Child

Screenshot-27 (2)

Now with all the Toddlers grown up it was time for me to put mine and Turquoise’s plan to work and create a clone of myself. This clone had to be so perfect that no one could tell it was not me and just a copy.


I worked on the task for several days and finally I finished the Elixir and nervously I put it to the test.

Screenshot-6 (3)

I was lucky, the clone was physicaly a perfect copy of me however she also recieved traits opposote to my own. I was a Family Sim and she did not like children, I was chrismatic and she was a loser, I loved Art and she could not stand Art. I realized this would never do, how could my clone produce the next set of children if she did not like children?


No sooner had I created her then before I could explaine to her why she had been created she had gone to browse about the house. I took off after her so I might explain some important ground rules to her.

Screenshot-14 (2)

” Your a copy of me, one I created for a purpose and that purpose is to help me produce 100 Children, I have already produced fourteen children and now you need to take over.” Diamond told her Clone

Screenshot-15 (2)

” I apperciate you making me however I’m not a big fan of children.”

Screenshot-21 (2)

” Regardless of that or not that’s your only purpose in this life to produce children. As long as you do your part as your maker I’ll do mine to keep you safe and happy.”

Screenshot-20 (2)

” It does not sound like your giving me a choice.”

Diamond decided that it was time to end the conversation, true she was not giving her clone a choice because there was no choice to give. She also decided it would be best to try a Personality Elixir on her clone perhaps then her clone would see things her way. So she returned to the basement and went to work creating a Personality Elixir to fix her clone.


Later that night after the kids were in bed Diamond used the Elixir on her clone and the results appeared to turn out better. No sooner had she used the Elixir when her clone went to bed and started dreaming about babies, toddlers an the like. For once things were looking up for Diamond and she’d be able to do more with her life then pop out kids.


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