History of Jades

(Note: This history is not real, it is a history I created from my imagination, everything on this page goes with my Jades world and was created by me.I take no credit for the art it is image I found on the net and loved for my characters.)


History of Jades

You do not have to read this if you do not want to, this is simply for my own use, like most History this one is a constant WIP. Since Jades is always going there will always be new stories and information to add as time goes by.

I also found that the History was rather long and so I’ve seperated it into Chapters for easier reading, enjoy.



Segment 1

Chapter 1 -Destruction of Jades 

Chapter 2 – Jades Re-born – Princess Janis’s Story

Chapter 3 – Celestial Realm

Chapter 4 – Love Eternal

Chapter 5 – Mirrora’s Creation

Chapter 6 – Tattered, Broken and Torn

Chapter 7 – Everlina my EverAngel

Chapter 8 – 50,000 Years Later

Segment 2

Chapter 9 – Past, Present and Future

Chapter 10 – A Bearer is Born

Chapter 11 – Into the Unknown

Chapter 12 – Kahlan’s Re-Birth

Chapter 13 – Return of the Lost Princess

Chapter 14 – Back to the Beginning

Chapter 15 – Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren

Chapter 16 – Serene Serenity

Chapter 17 – Beauty of the Moon

Chapter 18 – Goodbye Little Moon

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