Chapter 19 – Depression

(Note: This Chapter is sort of depressing and has more text then images.)

We left off with Diamond in Lucky Palms and the birth of her 11th and 12th child. As many people know children like many things tend to grow up very fast, no sooner were Cal an Carn born then they were Toddlers.

Calcite Flare/Toddler



Carnelian Flare/Toddler



Next day after the alien twins grew into Toddlers it was time to teach them to Walk, Talk and Potty. However I had a lecture at the local School that needed tending and so I headed out early to do that leaving Turquoise in charge.


Turquoise worked on teaching Carnelian to talk for the day and was surpised how fast he caught on, he was a very intelligant child.


At my lecture I was surprised to see not many people had come, likely due to the stuff around town about me having a child outside of being married. One of the things about being a popular celebrity was everyone thought your personal life was their business when it was not. Sure they could go on about you having a child out of marriage behind your back but they were likely doing it as well, yet it was a great crime if you did it.

During my lecture though I did happen to notice a handsome, red haired man in the audience. He stood out to me because he was taking notes well I spoke, his red hair, large glasses and color of clothing was also very interesting. I asked a fellow teacher after my lecture was over who he was, she was happy to tell me.

Teacher: “Why that is Twallan also know as the God of Mod’s, he’s filthy rich and works for a large corporation know as Nraas Industries, he’s extremely smart and just moved to Lucky Palms. He’s also known as Nathaniel but everyone calls him Twallan.”

Me: ” Really, where does he happen to live?” I found myself instantly interested in this Twallan and suspected he could give me beautiful children. It was funny now how when I looked at a man all I saw was his breeding potential. It reminded me of the Amazon Women who only used men to breed children. I was sad to think that might be the sort of person I was turning into and what about love? Would any man love me after having 100 children? Regardless of what I thought I new I had to do the best I could for my Kingdom but maybe I should get Turquoise to help me as well.

Soon after my conversation I left the School and decided I would pay a visit to this Twallan, he had potential. It didn’t take me long to find his place after all Lucky Palms was really, not so big compared to Sunset City.


I was surprised upon meeting Twallan how interesting the conversation was, we ended up talking for hours.



I remember thinking to myself how I could, if not having to do this challenge happily settle down with this man but sadly such things were not in my future.Soon simple talking lead to something else, something I for once was not responsible for.






I was surprised how fast things went for Twallan an I, even though I had thought he’d be good breeding I’d never expected that I would also enjoy his company and intelligence. Feeling a bit strange after what had taken place I left him sleeping and headed home, I didn’t want to deal with these feelings.

I had them once before with Borage but accepting that Borage was a ladies man who would never settle or love me had made it easy to move on. However things were not like this with Twallan so I simply needed to keep my mind busy. I put all my energy into teaching the twins their skills. I also wanted to spend what time I could with my kids because they did grow up so fast.





Next day after teaching Cornelian to walk I woke feeling sick and so I made for the bathroom finding myself once more friends with the toliet.


I new without a doubt I was pregnant with Twallan’s kids and I wondered if I should bother telling him. Before I could decide I started showing,lucky for me I was safe behind my big, iron gates so few people would know.


My next few days passed quickly, I found myself depressed, like others before me this challenge was starting to get to me. Though I loved each and every one of my kids and though I had loved their dads for giving me my precious children times were wearing on me. Before I new it, on my way to bed one night once the twins were settled I went into labor.


Soon after the pains passed I had given birth to another set of twins, a girl and boy and to my surprie they were Witche’s.

Clinohumite Flare/Witch


Charoite Flare/Witch


After the birth of my new twins I loved them on sight, but I couldn’t shake the depression I was feeling. I was lonely and was growing to greatly dislike what I was turning into. I was also missing home and my brothers and role as Queen. Though Turquoise was a great help and I loved her, though she new that something was on my mind there was little she could do.

I sat on the patio looking out, over the water night after night and I spent my days sleeping. Turquoise had to take on most of the responsibility dealing with the kids, before I new it Charoite and Clinohumite grew into Toddlers. I was not there to see it, I just found I could not be bothered with it right now, I was a terrible mother.

Charoite Flare/Toddler/Witch



Clinohumite Flare/Toddler/Witch



Once my new set of twins were Toddlers the house now had four, needy Toddlers running about. I tried to help the best I could but I simply lacked the energy or desire to. I was glad for Bonehilda an Turquoise both put a lot of time into looking after the kids.

I could see looking after four Toddlers was getting to Turquoise, she was up often and had bags under her eyes. When she finished with one set of twins the next needed somthing. However she was ever patient and did the best she could.

Fall settled in and the nights were cold, Twallan and others kept calling my cell day in an day out, they kept sending gifs and I kept ignoring the calls. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone or deal with anyone. I had no interest in anything I had once loved and soon I had sunk so far into depression that I felt like I was forever falling into an endless, black hole.

I felt worthless, empty, like some dirty thing that deserved to be stepped on. I felt as if I had done nothing with the life I was living, and that I should never have taken on this challenge, and night after night I found myself wondering if I would ever be free from this dark hole, this depression.

Will Diamond snap back from this phase of depression? Or might it very well be the end of Diamond and the 100 Baby Challenge? I guess you will have to wait and see, love makes people do crazy things..





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