Chapter 18 – Alien Encounter

After Diamond an I took a look around our new home and got a good night’s rest it was time for Diamond to start exploring Lucky Palms and finding Baby Daddy 6.

I decided to head to the Festival and see how things were going there, I never had much time to visit the Festival in Sunset City.


I did not see many people at the Festival but decided to try roller skating.


Soon a few people started to show up at the Festival and so I began to make introductions, a few already new me and some even wanted photos since I was a Celebrity.


After a bit I joined the Hot Dog eating contest and you guessed it I lost like a bad habit.


Boerd of the Festival I headed off to explore other places of Lucky Palms and found myself at a lovely park that had a Fey Arboretum.


Soon night fell and since I had not met many people though I had crossed several fans I decided to head home for the night.



Soon the next day came and it was Leisure Day, so I decided to throw my first pool party. True most of those I invited were fans but they would spred the news of my party and arrival for me.


My pool party was a hit, I mixed some tunes, served great food and people seemed to have a lot of fun. After my party I met another Alien Sim, remembering Alan I was really happy to meet another Alien it appeared I had a thing for Alien’s and Genie’s.


It was not long before we were hitting it off, which for me was good, I’d wanted some Alien babies for sometime.



Soon we were making our way to whatever bedroom we could and I new after drinking a procreation Elixir what was coming.




It had been sometime since my last child so I was really excited to have children in the house again soon, possibly. Before I new it I was sick, that was a sure sign it wouldn’t be too long now.


My next few days passed by quickly, I read up on kids, painted a bit and before I new it I was in Labor.


I guess birthing ten, previous kids had made Labor easier, before I even thought of a Hospital I gave birth to twin, alien boys.

Carnelian Flare/Alien


Calcite Flare/Alien


Now I was back on track, soon my lovely new home would be full of more, lovely children.


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