Chapter 16 – Changes

We left off with the triplets growing into young adults and the twins growing into teens. It had also been decided by Diamond and Turquoise that after the last of the kids grew into YA they would move out, leaving the house to their children and settle into their dream house.

Since Diamond was taking a break from baby making until she got settled into her new house and all the kids were old enough now to look after themselves, it was decided Diamond an Turquoise would take the day an have some fun. They decided their first stop would be the Salon for much needed makeover’s, after all women needed to change their looks once and a while. They rose early and headed off to the Salon located in the City about a forty-five minute drive from their home.






It took both women sometime before they settled on a look that they liked, fifty outfits later and at least sixty choices in shoes they came out looking really lovely.



After they finished getting makeover’s they decided they wanted to show them off at a couple of the bars around the city. Diamond had lived in Sunset City for some time but she had never gone to visit many of the Bars. Since her and Turquoise were planning to move soon she thought it was best to check out a few of the Bars before leaving Sunset City.



(I would ike to note these looks are completely CC free, I have been having some lag problems and so I decided to make Diamond and Turquoise over so they would be CC free and move them to a new town to see if it helps with the lag.)

After spending some time at the local Clubs and darkness had settled over Sunset City the women decided it was time to head home for the night. When they arrived at home they were surprised to see that Opal and Topaz had aged into beautiful, YA.


Soon after Diamond recieved a call that their new home was done, yay, she was so excited she couldn’t wait.


Most parents would be sad to leave their children, however Diamond was pleased to know she had raised them well and now it was time to say goodbye an let them start their lives. She said goodbye to all her kids, told them to take care of the house and that she and Turquoise would be back to visit.


Her an Turquoise then headed out, it was time to see their dream house and explore the new town they’d decided to build it in not too far from Sunset City.


Goodbye Sunset City, We’ll Be Back One Day!!!!




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