Chapter 14 – Xmas Surprise and Genie’s

This Pregnancy I found to be harder then the past ones, my back was sore all the time and I found myself sick at least once a day. I guessed it was possibly because for the first time I was Pregnant with Genie babies. I decided due to this and not wanting to risk the babies I would take it easier then I had in the past. It wa not long before my belly grew rather large and when it did I didn’t go out and spent a lot of time painting and sculpting.




Soon Winter came and Snowflake Day grew closer and closer, I’d decided because the triplets wanted to and their birthday fell on Snowflake day I’d throw a Gift Giving Party for them. I didn’t much like the cold however the triplets seemed to really enjoy it.

Snowman Making


Angel Making


Very quickly Snowflake Day arrived and I rose early all dressed in my Xmas clothing to make pancakes for the triplets. This was the last day my triplets would be children as soon they would grow into lovely, teens.


I then spent the afternoon getting ready for my Gift Giving Party, I’d invited Agate, Amber, African Jade, Azurite, Rags, Cuddles, Puzzle and Aqua and I was happy to see they all came.



After we opened the Gifts and all invited enjoyed a lovely meal of Turkey and all my kids talked and caught up on one another it was time for everyone to head home and time for the triplets grow into Teens.

However just as we were getting ready to celebrate birthdays there was a quiet knock at the door. I had no idea who it might be considering all my kids had gone home happy and no other person had been invited. So I headed over and slowly pulled open the front door to see who had knocked.


As I opened the door I heard a fimilar voice, a voice I had heard many times in the past, a voice that simply could not be real could it? Into the light of the living room came a woman identical to me in face only, it was none other then my twin sister Turquoise. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had been missing my family more often lately, I’d been lonely and now my best friend and twin sister was here, in my house, in Sunset City.


I fumbled on my words not sure what to say, Turquoise how? When? Where? Why? What? These were the only words I could get out as my mirror image smiled “Hey little sis, happy to see me?” With that she walked in from the cold and pulled me into a hug.


She then began to tell me everything I’d wanted so long to hear “Jades is fine, it is still standing however we lost many in the War. Damon and Dom are also fine and sent me here to update you on how things are going. They’re busy building what was destroyed and organizing through the chaos that came with the War.

Considering we lost many in the War, the seven have decided that you need to keep with your task as we’ll need your children and their children to fill the empty thrones in the seven kingdoms. We new you’d be worried and so I agreed to come and stay with you to help you with your task. I’ll help you look after the little ones, cook, clean and anything else that you may or may not need. I also brough with me a decent collection of Gems so if you like we can build a place of our own but it is up to you.


I was surprised by this, is it possible to be surprised, in shock, happy and sad all at once? I think that is sort of what I was, I was sad I could not go home yet but happy my brothers were well, my kingdom was ok and my sister was here. I was surprised she’d come to help me and shocked she was really here in my living room.

All of these emotions running through me and all these thoughts in my head, I think is what put me into labor. My labor was nothing like the Pregnancy had been it was quick, so much so I could not get to the Hospital. I had given birth before, alone at home so I new I’d be fine now and so quickly I got up and headed to my bedroom so not to upset anyone.


Soon I had given birth to yet another set of twin girls who, as I had thought were Genie’s, well I for sure could count on Borage’s DNA to give me Genie babies and I was beyond thrilled. I name the girls Black Opal and Blue Topaz.

Black Opal/Genie


Blue Topaz/Genie


If all of this was not enough excitment for one night before I new it the triplets grew into Teens.








It was a Snowflake Day I new my family and I would never forget in the years to come, and now thanks to my sister, I had enough Gems to build myself a dream house. I couldn’t wait to start planning my dream house, it would be bigger, better and have more space for my future kids to enjoy, it would be a home worth remembering.

I would spend the next, few months planning the design for my dream house and once Opal and Topaz were YA I would leave the house to them and Turquoise and I would move into our new Dream House.



From: Flare Family




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