Capter 15 – Growth for Genies

We left off with Diamond’s twin sister Turquoise arriving at Xmas and it being a great surprise for Diamond. We also had a new set of twins born into the family Black Opal and Blue Topaz who are the daughters of Borage and both Genie’s.

After my sister arrived and my triplets became teens things got much easier around the house. My triplets helped with things as did my sister and I put focus into packing up my painting’s and hover bed for the move coming soon.

As most know when my sister had arrived she had brought some riches with her which we sold and got more then enough money to build our dream house. I found my days spent on thinking about the dream house and what I wanted in it. I wanted an indoor pool, sauna room, hobby room, four bathrooms as I’d found two were not enough with three teens and two adults in the house. I’d also like a hot tub, open concept kitchen, dinning room and living room. I wanted at least five bedrooms, one for babies, one for girls, one for boys, one for me and one for tourquoise.

Before I new it the Opal and Topaz grew into very active, very beautiful toddlers. I found myself thinking about Borage when I looked at my toddler twins, they had gotten the best of me and the best of him.

Black Opal/Toddler


Blue Topaz/Toddler





Soon it was time to teach the twins to walk, talk and potty, lucky for me I had the help of three teens and one adult.

Topaz Walking


Topaz Talking


Opal Walking


Opal Talking


Shortly after Opal an Topaz learned their skills it was time to grow into children.

Opal Child


Topaz Child


Fairy Dust, Pleaseeeeeee…



It was pretty crazy at my house because as soon as Opal an Topaz grew into children Ben, Beryl and Bloodstone grew into Young Adults.







Time seems to drag on when your waiting for something especially if that something is your dream house. Our plans were as soon as Opal an Topaz grew into YA we would move out leaving the house to Bloodstone, Beryl, Ben, Topaz and Opal because it was big enough for all of them for now. Later they could decide what they wanted to do with it, we hoped they would have kids of their own but who new.

No sooner had the triplets turned into YA when the twins grew into the most beautiful teens, Borage would be proud as we had made lovely children together and they were Genie’s like their father.

Black Opal/Blue Topaz/Teens


Now with all the kids pretty well grown up I decided to explore building design and then I could perhaps have a home design to give the builders.



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