Jades Currency

(Note: This information is not real, it is a information I created from my imagination for a world I created called Jades. Eveything you see on this site about Jades is not real, I created Jades and everything that goes with it for Role-play, children’s stories and Sims 3. I take no credit for the pictures as I found them on the net and thought they fit well.)

Currency in Jades is based on the Gem system, the same Gems used to build their roads, homes and cities is also their form of Currency, see below to better understand this.

Diamond_34991 1 Diamond = $1000.00

imagesCA41MGLS  1 Sapphire = $500.00

100%20Dollars 1 Aqumarine = $100.00

50%20Dollars 1 Golden Topaz =$50.00

20%20Dollars 1 Coral = $20.00

10%20Dollars 1 Jade = $10.00

5%20Dollars 1 Amber =$5.00


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