Chapter 21 – Oh My Clone!

Winter had finally settled in Lucky Palms and there had been a couple Snow Days already. I finally was able to, for once, in a long time see the beauty of Winter. I really didn’t like Snow or the cold but the way the snow sparkled like Diamonds scattered across the landscape made me apperciate it more and start taking pictures here and there.

Screenshot-16 (2)

Screenshot-17 (2)

Screenshot-13 (2)

Screenshot-12 (2)

With Winter here Turquoise and I finished teaching Clinohumite and Charoite to Walk and Talk.



Soon after they finished learning these skills they grew into the most adorable children, everytime I looked at them I saw Twallan.

Clinohumite Flare/Child


Charoite Flare/Child

Screenshot-27 (2)

Now with all the Toddlers grown up it was time for me to put mine and Turquoise’s plan to work and create a clone of myself. This clone had to be so perfect that no one could tell it was not me and just a copy.


I worked on the task for several days and finally I finished the Elixir and nervously I put it to the test.

Screenshot-6 (3)

I was lucky, the clone was physicaly a perfect copy of me however she also recieved traits opposote to my own. I was a Family Sim and she did not like children, I was chrismatic and she was a loser, I loved Art and she could not stand Art. I realized this would never do, how could my clone produce the next set of children if she did not like children?


No sooner had I created her then before I could explaine to her why she had been created she had gone to browse about the house. I took off after her so I might explain some important ground rules to her.

Screenshot-14 (2)

” Your a copy of me, one I created for a purpose and that purpose is to help me produce 100 Children, I have already produced fourteen children and now you need to take over.” Diamond told her Clone

Screenshot-15 (2)

” I apperciate you making me however I’m not a big fan of children.”

Screenshot-21 (2)

” Regardless of that or not that’s your only purpose in this life to produce children. As long as you do your part as your maker I’ll do mine to keep you safe and happy.”

Screenshot-20 (2)

” It does not sound like your giving me a choice.”

Diamond decided that it was time to end the conversation, true she was not giving her clone a choice because there was no choice to give. She also decided it would be best to try a Personality Elixir on her clone perhaps then her clone would see things her way. So she returned to the basement and went to work creating a Personality Elixir to fix her clone.


Later that night after the kids were in bed Diamond used the Elixir on her clone and the results appeared to turn out better. No sooner had she used the Elixir when her clone went to bed and started dreaming about babies, toddlers an the like. For once things were looking up for Diamond and she’d be able to do more with her life then pop out kids.

Chapter 20 – Out of the Dark

Mind spinning out of control
Thoughts and feelings burning in my soul
wondering how much more I can take before I take the fall.
Wondering what will be the final call.

I was sitting on the patio at the back of the house like I had been doing for the last month. I had not been part of anything related to my kids, I passed my days lost in my own, dark, thoughts trying to shake my way out of the hole I had fallen so deeply in.

I thought of death in all it’s darkness, I’d know people in the past who had felt so lost they had taken their lives. Being level headed as I often was I found these thoughts very disturbing.


Death right now would be so sweet
a bottle of sleeping pills would be clean and neat
to fall asleep and never wake
would be best for my sake.

I missed my home, my simple life were I was weighted on hand an foot and where I did not have to look after people because people looked after me. I missed the gem covered streets on Inner Jades and the tall, modernly designed homes that sparkled in the sun. I missed the rain as it hit the gem covered streets and made them sparkle like something from a dream.

I missed my purple palace room, big bed and a brother who I shared meals with every day. As I was thinking of all this gazing over the sand covered landscape of Lucky Palms I heard my sister approche. I new it was her, I new her every step, sound and everything in between.


I hate this world and all its ways
I pray every night for my final days
I’ve never felt so worthless in my life
Heck just give me a sharp knife.

Turquoise: “Diamond I know your struggling right now and I know why, I understand after having 14 kids your growing tired of this challenge. It seems like your life is nothing more then producing one child after the other, I have an idea about the kids.”


Diamond: ” Really? What sort of idea could you possibly have?” she said bitterly

Depression runs thick in my mind
Kill me now it’s my time
I think I’m done I’ve taken the fall
As I knew this was the final call.


Turquoise was insulted by Diamond’s words but she new her sister was in a bad place an so she kept on. ” No it will work, your a Master of Elixir’s so make a Clone Drone Potion. Use it to make a Clone of yourself and get the Clone to produce the next four kids or more well you take a break.”


Diamond thought about it a bit ” You know it just might and if I end up with a Clone that refuses I can use my skills making Elixir’s to fix that. That’s a really good idea Turquoise and I apperciate you coming up with it. I have been thinking over and over what I might do and would never have thought of that, it’s perfect.”


” Well that is why they call me the older twin.” Turquoise replied.

” Yeah, yeah whatever” Diamond said

After Turquoise came up with her idea I found myself feeling like a new woman, the knowledge that I’d be free to try other things was extremely pleasing to me rather then having to pop out baby after baby. I got back into working with the kids and began to teach Charoite how to talk.

Screenshot-11 (2)

After I went to work teaching her how to walk since both were very important skills.

Screenshot-10 (2)

After she learned those skills I left Turquoise to teach the same skills to little Clinohumite well I went to call Twallan and apologize for ignoring him the last month or so.




I soon learned from our conversation that Twallan was not really interested in anything like marriage with me, but we still, by the end of the conversation were good friends and closer then before. I found I was ok with that becaue I did not want to be tied down as I planned to travel more and see other towns, worlds and locations.


Soon I was off the phone with Twallan it was time to teach Cal and Carn the last of their skills because their birthday was close at hand.


Soon after Carn and Cal learned the last of their skills it was time for them to have their birthday and grow into children. I was rather happy to be part of this event and found it amazing how Turquoise’s idea had brought me right out of the darkness I had fallen into.

Calcite Flare/Child


Carnelian Flare/Child


Now with two kids in the house and two Toddlers things started to get a bit easier, both Cal an Carn were a great help as they would feed or play with their smaller siblings if needed.


Screenshot-4 (2)

Winter soon set in and Xmas and the Toddlers birthdays were not too far off, since snow came early both boys stayed home from School due to heavy, falling snow and enjoyed the day playing outside.


Seven Kingdoms Family Tree

(Note: These are the Family Tree’s for the Seven Kingdoms of Jades, none of the characters or people listed on these trees are real. All are characters that I created from my imagination for my Jades World. If you click on the images they will get bigger and more clear so you can see the various names in the family trees easier.)

Inner Jades Family Tree

Inner Jades Legacy

Sapphire Sky Kingdom Family Tree

Sapphire Sky Legacy

Coral Kingdom Family Tree

Coral Dreams Legacy

Jade Kingdom Family Tree

Jade Kingdom Legacy

Golden Topaz Kingdom Family Tree

Golden Topaz Legacy

Amber Kingdom Family Tree

Amber Kingdom Legacy

Aqumarine Kingdom Family Tree

Aqumarine Winds Kingdom Legacy

History of Jades

(Note: This history is not real, it is a history I created from my imagination, everything on this page goes with my Jades world and was created by me.I take no credit for the art it is image I found on the net and loved for my characters.)


History of Jades

You do not have to read this if you do not want to, this is simply for my own use, like most History this one is a constant WIP. Since Jades is always going there will always be new stories and information to add as time goes by.

I also found that the History was rather long and so I’ve seperated it into Chapters for easier reading, enjoy.



Segment 1

Chapter 1 -Destruction of Jades 

Chapter 2 – Jades Re-born – Princess Janis’s Story

Chapter 3 – Celestial Realm

Chapter 4 – Love Eternal

Chapter 5 – Mirrora’s Creation

Chapter 6 – Tattered, Broken and Torn

Chapter 7 – Everlina my EverAngel

Chapter 8 – 50,000 Years Later

Segment 2

Chapter 9 – Past, Present and Future

Chapter 10 – A Bearer is Born

Chapter 11 – Into the Unknown

Chapter 12 – Kahlan’s Re-Birth

Chapter 13 – Return of the Lost Princess

Chapter 14 – Back to the Beginning

Chapter 15 – Emerald Maria Elizabeth-Warren

Chapter 16 – Serene Serenity

Chapter 17 – Beauty of the Moon

Chapter 18 – Goodbye Little Moon

Jaden Races

(Note: These races are not real, I gathered them from around the net to place in my Fantasy Jaden world. Everything on this page goes with my Jades world and was created, revised by me.)


Races of Jades

Below you will find a list of all the accepted races living in Jades in the various Kingdoms and information about them…



We all know what Angels are, in Jades we have male and female Angels who live in the Sapphire Sky Kingdom.

Angels look like normal Angels with white wings and human bodies; they can fly and are born with their wings.

Angels can only hold Additive Magic, Additive Magic is the power to add or create something, to better understand this power see the Sapphire Sky Kingdom page. Angels do die in Jades, they just live longer than most, the max, life span of an Angel is 800 years after thatthey fade into the wind and become one with Jades.



Bearers are another rare and extraordinary race, they are exceptionally beautiful, look completely human yet posses an extraordinary, sort of power.  They can be found in any of the seven Kingdoms however it does not matter who a Bearer takes for a mate for every Bearer births a Bearer.

A Bearer possesses the power to cause someone to bare their soul to them, to confess all their sins, lies and truths with just, a single kiss. This is a Bearer’s blessing and their curse, yet like all powers this one does have its limits.

A Bearer can only use this power on someone once, and after it’s been used this person becomes their devoted companion, servant or slave.

Due to this a Bearer is limited in who they can and cannot love, since only a few of the races in Jades are immune to this power the Bearer has a choice to decide how they wish to go about this.

A Bearer therefore can bare a Human’s soul and take them as a mate making the human their devoted companion until the Bearer dies or them. If they wish to have a mate who truly loves them and who is not taken by their power they can find love with a Vampire, Angel, Solar Celestial, Demon or another Bearer.

If two Bearers mate they will birth offspring with the same power as their own, this also applies to any of the other creatures listed. If a Bearer and Angel come together the child will only hold the Bearers power this applies with Demons, Vampires and Solar Celestial’s as well.

Due to this, the strength of your power depends on if you’re a pure blood or half-blood. Naturally a pure blood can bare more people than a half-blood, most pure bloods can bare a new being every hour, while half-bloods can do this only once a day or week depending on the strength of your blood line.

Bearers are also known for their Chastity, it is said most almost seem to be the embodiment of the Virtue Chastity, due to this you will often find these beings with companions such as Unicorns. For one reason or other Unicorns will only trust a Bearer and can be found all through the seven Kingdoms with the Bearer. Like Bearers, Unicorns come in all colors and sizes. Bearers only live for about 200 years once that time has passed they are buried into the earth and return to the earth.



Everyone knows what a Centaur is, it is a half-human/ half-horse creature. They are known for their speed and are skilled with any, sort of weapon.In Jades there are large groups of them all over the seven Kingdoms and they live for about 80 years.



Another familiar race they can be found in the Amber Kingdom with the Vampires, Ghosts, Banshee’s, and Mara’s.

These creatures however being born and from Jades can only hold Subtractive Magic. This Magic is the ability to subtract or remove and derives from the underworld, to see more of this power look at the Amber Kingdom.

Demons are also, not immortal, they die after 800 years, once they’ve lived 800 years they burst into flames and become one, with Jades. Demons like Angels and Vampires can birth children to continue on their family line. Demons do not mix with Angels and vice versa



Dragons are an old, respected race in Jades and often worshiped for their vast power. To most Jadens a Dragon is a Guardian of Jades. They are never killed, hunted or hurt in any way and are given the most respect, to see a Dragon is a great Honour in Jades.

There is also various types of Dragons in Jades and they at times can be found to become friends with the various creatures spread over Jades. Below I will list the types of Dragons one might come across in Jades.


Black Dragon

Power: Dark Fire – Guardian of the Amber Kingdom

This fire kills the enemy upon contact, this dragon is like the God of Death and is balanced out by the Dragon of Life.


Blue Dragon

Power: Blue FireGuardian of the Coral Kingdom

Controls the element of Water, is considered the God of the Sea, this dragon can make fire or water to destroy fire.


Gold Dragon

Power: Gold FireGuard the Golden Topaz Kingdom

This dragon makes sure the Sun rises and sets with help of his lover the Silver Dragon. His Gold Fire can destroy all life, create stars and destroy planets.


Green Dragon

Power: Emerald Fire – Guardian of the Jade Kingdom

Is Considered the God of Life and can heal or destroy a target, whatever the Dragon wishes it to do it does. Can also control all aspects of the earth element, grow plants, create life.


Pink Dragon

Power: Pink Fire – Guard of the Aqumarine Kingdom

This Dragon controls all aspects of Air and works in sequence with all, other elements.


Purple Dragon

Power: Purple Fire – Guard of the Spirit Kingdom

This Dragon guards the portal to the Mountain of Whisper, the Mountains of Whisper is where all the Kings and Queens of old go to die. This dragon protects them and holds the power to awaken them if the need arises; he also guides the dead to the other side.


Red Dragon

Power: Red Fire – Guard of the Fire Kingdom

Burns a target to a crisp, kills and destroys quickly and even though the Ruby Kingdom is no more this dragon still exists.


Silver Dragon

Power: Silver FireGoddess of the Moon

She makes sure the moon rises and sets with help of the Sun, her silver fire can heal planets, stars and creatures if she so wishes.



Fey come in all shapes and sizes, they are playful and mischievous creatures and can be found in the Jade Kingdom. They possess the Magic’s related to the Jade Kingdom or to whatever Kingdom they live in.



These creatures come in all colors and sizes; they’ve long since been depended on, as the transportation source about Jades. It’s not un-common to see someone riding about on a horse, really this is the only, form of transportation in Jades, there are no cars and such due to the fact such things pollute the air.

Yet don’t be fooled all horses in Jades can speak several languages and tend to be extremely intelligent and good companions for almost anyone.



Known for their great desire to survive Humans are spread out, all through Jades in many of the other Kingdoms and live a max of 100 years. Due to their genetic structure they possess the ability to handle just, about any, sort of Magic. So depending on who they married and what Kingdom they reside in their Magic varies.

Humans are the only, known race that can mate with any of the others races and produce healthy children or offspring, they are also one of the highest of populations in Jades.

However there are rules to these couplings like most, for instance if a Human was to couple with a Pure Solar Celestial the offspring would look human, have no wings and only possess Spirit Magic. This same rule applies to if a Human was the couple with a Demon, their child would look Human yet only possess Subtractive Magic.

Due to this you will find it’s rare for a pure Demon, Angel or Solar Celestial to couple with a Human, a human weakens the blood and the outcome has a mass, amount of possibility. Regardless in Jades everyone is equal and can be with who they desire.

Another intriguing thing about the Humans is some time, long ago they be-friended the Dragons of Jades so now it’s not uncommon to see a human with a Dragon companion.

Dragons vary in size and color all through Jades, they also only live as long as their human companion, they are like a protector of their human, very loyal and trusting to only their human.

Also the Dragon chooses the Human; the human does not choose the Dragon and not all Humans have Dragons, really only a few are gifted with a Dragon.

Their Dragon picks them when it is old enough to survive on its own and when the Human is still but a child. It has been like this for centuries.



These lovely creatures reside in the Coral Dreams Kingdom and hold the power of Water manipulation, they come in all colors and are often seen swimming about the Coral Kingdom.

If they come up on shore in the day they’re tail will dry and be replaced with legs so they can move about freely, yet when the sun sets and the moon returns they return to Mermaid form.



Nymphs come in all types and possess magic related to whatever Kingdom they originated from, they are utterly beautiful and often hold one of the powers related to Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Spirit.

They live for about 200 years, can be male or female and can be killed like any, normal person though it’s rare you’ll get close enough to them to kill them.

Earth Nymph

They have green, pale blond or dark brown colour hair, green eyes, dress in clothing of light or emerald green, live in the Jade Kingdom and possess the powers of Earth Magic.


Water Nymph

They have blond, black or blue hair, blue eyes, dress in clothing of light or sapphire blue, live in the Coral Dreams Kingdom and possess Water magic.


Fire Nymph

They have orange hair, red eyes, tanned skin, dress in red and orange clothing, live in the Golden Topaz Kingdom due to the destruction of the Flaming Hearth Kingdom and control magic related to fire.


Air Nymph

They live in the Aquamarine Winds Kingdom, tend to have white or silver hair, silver eyes, dress in clothing of silver and white and control magic related to the Element of Air.


Spirit Nymph

This is the rarest of all the Nymph creatures and not often seen, they are said to reside in the Golden Topaz Kingdom and possess purple hair, gold eyes, pale skin and have control over the element of Spirit.

See Golden Topaz Kingdom for a better idea of what, sort of Magic these creatures possess and what they can do with said Magic.



Rare and beautiful only members of the royal families possess these creatures and use them for transportation. Like horses and Unicorns these animals come in all colors and are the quickest type of transportation in Jades.


Solar Celestial

These are rare and unique creatures who also live in the Golden Topaz Kingdom; they possess Spirit Magic as well as Solar Magic.

Long ago when the Flaming Hearth Kingdom was destroyed many of these creatures left and moved to the Golden Topaz Kingdom. Most are descendants of Rif Coral who was the first, Solar Celestial to visit Jades.

This race is also known as the Kondarian’s, only Pure Blood Solar Celestial’s hold the power of Solar. Any half-breed child of these extraordinary creatures does not get the Solar Gene they only get the power of Spirit Magic.

Right now it is rare to see anyone, outside the Royal family hold the Solar Gene. However it is easy to tell the difference between a pure blood Solar Celestial and a Half-Blood. A pure blood has wings and a human body where as a half-blood does not possess Wings and looks completely human.

A Solar Celestial lives for a max of 500 years, after 500 years they fly into the sun and criminate themselves giving back to Jades and leaving their line to continue on. Since Solar Celestial are the last of their kind and the only known ones in existence it is important for them to carry on their family line.

Half-blood, Female, Solar Celestial

Half-blood, Male, Solar Celestial

Pure-blood, Female, Solar Celestial

Pure-blood, Male, Solar Celestial



Unicorns are also known an common in Jades, they tend to be friends with Bearers and Virgins only and hold various, types of mysterious powers no one really knows about.



Yes we are very familiar with this race, they have enhanced speed, hearing, smell and sight, no they cannot fly or turn into Bat’s. They can also hold whatever mgic is avaliable to them in the Amber Kingdom on top of their skills but they must learn said Magic. No they cannot go out, into the sunlight but have no, real need to since in the Amber Kingdom it is always night.

They can be killed by be-heading and also a steak to the heart.  They need blood to live and it is supplied to them in the Amber Kingdom, they also have the freedom to hunt in the Amber Kingdom if need be.

Vampires of Jades are turned, every Vampire has the option to turn only one, other, being and are only allowed to turn that being if that being wishes it. If a male Vampire turns a Human female then those two can mate and produce a Vampire child.

In Jades Vampirism is a mutation, once turned you possess the gene which you can then pass to your offspring. All Vamps can have children in Jades, their children can live off blood or food.

Vampires are not immortal in Jades, they just live longer than other beings, and the length of a healthy, Vampire life is a max of 500 years, after 500 years you turn to dust and die.

They are very handsom and attractive and tend, much like Fey to be able to attract those of the same or opposite sex easily. They are aloud to move about the various Kingdoms if they like but can only eat or turn another in the Amber Kingdom.


Other Races

– All other animals found on Earth can also be found in Jades yet they can’t talk

– You can also find Ghosts, Banshee’s, Mara’s in the Amber Kingdom. These creatures however being born and from Jades can only hold Subtractive Magic see the Amber Kingdom page for more information on Magic.

Mara: A Mara is another type of Demon which feeds of the Nightmares of people and has the ability to weave it’s own, web of Nighmares to scare a person.

If a Mara feeds too much on your Nightmare it can kill you, scare you to death I guess is the better term.

Female Mara

Male Mara

Banshee: A Banshee is a fairy woman or man who begins to Wail if someone is about to die and has the ability to Sing to save a persons life. Yet if she/he chooses to Sing to save a persons life another person must die in that persons place.



We all know what a Ghost is and yes Jades is full of Ghosts from times long past. However few people know the Ghosts are there though kids can see them clear as day to the age of fourteen.

Also Spirit Magic users and Undead can see Ghosts and Ghosts come in all ages, sizes and colors and are very common much like Humans. No Ghosts can not have children though it would be cool if they could. A Ghost will not cross over until they finish what they started.

Chapter 19 – Depression

(Note: This Chapter is sort of depressing and has more text then images.)

We left off with Diamond in Lucky Palms and the birth of her 11th and 12th child. As many people know children like many things tend to grow up very fast, no sooner were Cal an Carn born then they were Toddlers.

Calcite Flare/Toddler



Carnelian Flare/Toddler



Next day after the alien twins grew into Toddlers it was time to teach them to Walk, Talk and Potty. However I had a lecture at the local School that needed tending and so I headed out early to do that leaving Turquoise in charge.


Turquoise worked on teaching Carnelian to talk for the day and was surpised how fast he caught on, he was a very intelligant child.


At my lecture I was surprised to see not many people had come, likely due to the stuff around town about me having a child outside of being married. One of the things about being a popular celebrity was everyone thought your personal life was their business when it was not. Sure they could go on about you having a child out of marriage behind your back but they were likely doing it as well, yet it was a great crime if you did it.

During my lecture though I did happen to notice a handsome, red haired man in the audience. He stood out to me because he was taking notes well I spoke, his red hair, large glasses and color of clothing was also very interesting. I asked a fellow teacher after my lecture was over who he was, she was happy to tell me.

Teacher: “Why that is Twallan also know as the God of Mod’s, he’s filthy rich and works for a large corporation know as Nraas Industries, he’s extremely smart and just moved to Lucky Palms. He’s also known as Nathaniel but everyone calls him Twallan.”

Me: ” Really, where does he happen to live?” I found myself instantly interested in this Twallan and suspected he could give me beautiful children. It was funny now how when I looked at a man all I saw was his breeding potential. It reminded me of the Amazon Women who only used men to breed children. I was sad to think that might be the sort of person I was turning into and what about love? Would any man love me after having 100 children? Regardless of what I thought I new I had to do the best I could for my Kingdom but maybe I should get Turquoise to help me as well.

Soon after my conversation I left the School and decided I would pay a visit to this Twallan, he had potential. It didn’t take me long to find his place after all Lucky Palms was really, not so big compared to Sunset City.


I was surprised upon meeting Twallan how interesting the conversation was, we ended up talking for hours.



I remember thinking to myself how I could, if not having to do this challenge happily settle down with this man but sadly such things were not in my future.Soon simple talking lead to something else, something I for once was not responsible for.






I was surprised how fast things went for Twallan an I, even though I had thought he’d be good breeding I’d never expected that I would also enjoy his company and intelligence. Feeling a bit strange after what had taken place I left him sleeping and headed home, I didn’t want to deal with these feelings.

I had them once before with Borage but accepting that Borage was a ladies man who would never settle or love me had made it easy to move on. However things were not like this with Twallan so I simply needed to keep my mind busy. I put all my energy into teaching the twins their skills. I also wanted to spend what time I could with my kids because they did grow up so fast.





Next day after teaching Cornelian to walk I woke feeling sick and so I made for the bathroom finding myself once more friends with the toliet.


I new without a doubt I was pregnant with Twallan’s kids and I wondered if I should bother telling him. Before I could decide I started showing,lucky for me I was safe behind my big, iron gates so few people would know.


My next few days passed quickly, I found myself depressed, like others before me this challenge was starting to get to me. Though I loved each and every one of my kids and though I had loved their dads for giving me my precious children times were wearing on me. Before I new it, on my way to bed one night once the twins were settled I went into labor.


Soon after the pains passed I had given birth to another set of twins, a girl and boy and to my surprie they were Witche’s.

Clinohumite Flare/Witch


Charoite Flare/Witch


After the birth of my new twins I loved them on sight, but I couldn’t shake the depression I was feeling. I was lonely and was growing to greatly dislike what I was turning into. I was also missing home and my brothers and role as Queen. Though Turquoise was a great help and I loved her, though she new that something was on my mind there was little she could do.

I sat on the patio looking out, over the water night after night and I spent my days sleeping. Turquoise had to take on most of the responsibility dealing with the kids, before I new it Charoite and Clinohumite grew into Toddlers. I was not there to see it, I just found I could not be bothered with it right now, I was a terrible mother.

Charoite Flare/Toddler/Witch



Clinohumite Flare/Toddler/Witch



Once my new set of twins were Toddlers the house now had four, needy Toddlers running about. I tried to help the best I could but I simply lacked the energy or desire to. I was glad for Bonehilda an Turquoise both put a lot of time into looking after the kids.

I could see looking after four Toddlers was getting to Turquoise, she was up often and had bags under her eyes. When she finished with one set of twins the next needed somthing. However she was ever patient and did the best she could.

Fall settled in and the nights were cold, Twallan and others kept calling my cell day in an day out, they kept sending gifs and I kept ignoring the calls. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone or deal with anyone. I had no interest in anything I had once loved and soon I had sunk so far into depression that I felt like I was forever falling into an endless, black hole.

I felt worthless, empty, like some dirty thing that deserved to be stepped on. I felt as if I had done nothing with the life I was living, and that I should never have taken on this challenge, and night after night I found myself wondering if I would ever be free from this dark hole, this depression.

Will Diamond snap back from this phase of depression? Or might it very well be the end of Diamond and the 100 Baby Challenge? I guess you will have to wait and see, love makes people do crazy things..




Chapter 18 – Alien Encounter

After Diamond an I took a look around our new home and got a good night’s rest it was time for Diamond to start exploring Lucky Palms and finding Baby Daddy 6.

I decided to head to the Festival and see how things were going there, I never had much time to visit the Festival in Sunset City.


I did not see many people at the Festival but decided to try roller skating.


Soon a few people started to show up at the Festival and so I began to make introductions, a few already new me and some even wanted photos since I was a Celebrity.


After a bit I joined the Hot Dog eating contest and you guessed it I lost like a bad habit.


Boerd of the Festival I headed off to explore other places of Lucky Palms and found myself at a lovely park that had a Fey Arboretum.


Soon night fell and since I had not met many people though I had crossed several fans I decided to head home for the night.



Soon the next day came and it was Leisure Day, so I decided to throw my first pool party. True most of those I invited were fans but they would spred the news of my party and arrival for me.


My pool party was a hit, I mixed some tunes, served great food and people seemed to have a lot of fun. After my party I met another Alien Sim, remembering Alan I was really happy to meet another Alien it appeared I had a thing for Alien’s and Genie’s.


It was not long before we were hitting it off, which for me was good, I’d wanted some Alien babies for sometime.



Soon we were making our way to whatever bedroom we could and I new after drinking a procreation Elixir what was coming.




It had been sometime since my last child so I was really excited to have children in the house again soon, possibly. Before I new it I was sick, that was a sure sign it wouldn’t be too long now.


My next few days passed by quickly, I read up on kids, painted a bit and before I new it I was in Labor.


I guess birthing ten, previous kids had made Labor easier, before I even thought of a Hospital I gave birth to twin, alien boys.

Carnelian Flare/Alien


Calcite Flare/Alien


Now I was back on track, soon my lovely new home would be full of more, lovely children.

Chapter 17 – Dream House

We left off with Diamond an Turquoise leaving Sunset City to explore other places, and heading off to see their first Dream House built in Lucky Palms.

We arrived at our new home in Lucky Palms late the next day after driving for about 48 hours. When we first got out of the car and stood before those tall, iron gates built for us, our eyes falling upon our new home, we were at a loss for words.


It rose high into the sky looking to be about three floors and placed against the Lucky Palms backdrop it looked stunning. However the most interesting thing about it was the color, it was not one color but two, purple and turquoise mine and Diamond’s favourite color.

Unable to wait any longer we passed through those tall gates built to keep those not wanted out, since Diamond an I were celebrity’s we’d needed some way to keep the press away. Now come and follow me as I will take you on a lovely tour of our new, dream house.

Living Room


Dinning Room






We’d also decided to build an indoor pool so we could swim all year round and throw some really, amazing pool parties.



T.V Room


Teen Game Room



Next comes my most favourite part of our new home, (My sons’s, who are four and five, actually helped me build this room for Diamond an Turquoise).

Underground Maize





The original Maize idea came from Cats0eye when her 100 Baby Challenge Sim build herself a house in Moonlight Falls with a Maize in the backyard for her Fey Companion.

Moving through the Maize after a possible wrong turn here and there we’ll find ourselves in the Magic Room based way at the back of the Maize. To get to this room you have to find your way through the Maize and you can not fly over the top of it.

Magic Room




Once done in the Magic Room if you follow the Maize it will bring you up into the two, car garage and once you leave there you’ll find yourself back where we started.

Moving to the second floor of this lovely home we will explore all the various rooms created for Diamond’s future children.

Floor 2

Diamond’s Bedroom




Diamond’s Bathroom



Turquoise Bedroom



Child Girl Bedroom



Child Bathroom




Child Boy Bedroom






Next we move to the last floor of the house made for the teens in the family.

Floor 3

Teen Boy Bedroom



Teen Girl Bedroom



Teen Bathroom



Home Gym


Floor two and three both have their own patio’s for painting,enjoying the sun or looking through the telescope.


Child Play Area


Well I hope you liked taking a look at our new dream house, this dream house is CC free but does use several store items. It has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, dinning room, t.v room, game room, indoor garden, magic room, two car garage, indoor pool an sauna area with hot tub, outdoor child play area, two patio’s and great views.

Chapter 16 – Changes

We left off with the triplets growing into young adults and the twins growing into teens. It had also been decided by Diamond and Turquoise that after the last of the kids grew into YA they would move out, leaving the house to their children and settle into their dream house.

Since Diamond was taking a break from baby making until she got settled into her new house and all the kids were old enough now to look after themselves, it was decided Diamond an Turquoise would take the day an have some fun. They decided their first stop would be the Salon for much needed makeover’s, after all women needed to change their looks once and a while. They rose early and headed off to the Salon located in the City about a forty-five minute drive from their home.






It took both women sometime before they settled on a look that they liked, fifty outfits later and at least sixty choices in shoes they came out looking really lovely.



After they finished getting makeover’s they decided they wanted to show them off at a couple of the bars around the city. Diamond had lived in Sunset City for some time but she had never gone to visit many of the Bars. Since her and Turquoise were planning to move soon she thought it was best to check out a few of the Bars before leaving Sunset City.



(I would ike to note these looks are completely CC free, I have been having some lag problems and so I decided to make Diamond and Turquoise over so they would be CC free and move them to a new town to see if it helps with the lag.)

After spending some time at the local Clubs and darkness had settled over Sunset City the women decided it was time to head home for the night. When they arrived at home they were surprised to see that Opal and Topaz had aged into beautiful, YA.


Soon after Diamond recieved a call that their new home was done, yay, she was so excited she couldn’t wait.


Most parents would be sad to leave their children, however Diamond was pleased to know she had raised them well and now it was time to say goodbye an let them start their lives. She said goodbye to all her kids, told them to take care of the house and that she and Turquoise would be back to visit.


Her an Turquoise then headed out, it was time to see their dream house and explore the new town they’d decided to build it in not too far from Sunset City.


Goodbye Sunset City, We’ll Be Back One Day!!!!



Capter 15 – Growth for Genies

We left off with Diamond’s twin sister Turquoise arriving at Xmas and it being a great surprise for Diamond. We also had a new set of twins born into the family Black Opal and Blue Topaz who are the daughters of Borage and both Genie’s.

After my sister arrived and my triplets became teens things got much easier around the house. My triplets helped with things as did my sister and I put focus into packing up my painting’s and hover bed for the move coming soon.

As most know when my sister had arrived she had brought some riches with her which we sold and got more then enough money to build our dream house. I found my days spent on thinking about the dream house and what I wanted in it. I wanted an indoor pool, sauna room, hobby room, four bathrooms as I’d found two were not enough with three teens and two adults in the house. I’d also like a hot tub, open concept kitchen, dinning room and living room. I wanted at least five bedrooms, one for babies, one for girls, one for boys, one for me and one for tourquoise.

Before I new it the Opal and Topaz grew into very active, very beautiful toddlers. I found myself thinking about Borage when I looked at my toddler twins, they had gotten the best of me and the best of him.

Black Opal/Toddler


Blue Topaz/Toddler





Soon it was time to teach the twins to walk, talk and potty, lucky for me I had the help of three teens and one adult.

Topaz Walking


Topaz Talking


Opal Walking


Opal Talking


Shortly after Opal an Topaz learned their skills it was time to grow into children.

Opal Child


Topaz Child


Fairy Dust, Pleaseeeeeee…



It was pretty crazy at my house because as soon as Opal an Topaz grew into children Ben, Beryl and Bloodstone grew into Young Adults.







Time seems to drag on when your waiting for something especially if that something is your dream house. Our plans were as soon as Opal an Topaz grew into YA we would move out leaving the house to Bloodstone, Beryl, Ben, Topaz and Opal because it was big enough for all of them for now. Later they could decide what they wanted to do with it, we hoped they would have kids of their own but who new.

No sooner had the triplets turned into YA when the twins grew into the most beautiful teens, Borage would be proud as we had made lovely children together and they were Genie’s like their father.

Black Opal/Blue Topaz/Teens


Now with all the kids pretty well grown up I decided to explore building design and then I could perhaps have a home design to give the builders.